Anguilla Open Golf Tournament

Maybe it’s not as famous as “The Open,” the golf tournament that is so fabled that it doesn’t even need to say which “Open” it is. But ours is still a national championship.

And how often do you get a chance to win one of those?

C’mon down and enter the 3rd Annual Anguilla Open, June 27th to 29th, 2014. The first-ever Anguilla Open was one by local “laddie” (as they say in Scotland), Theron Loizos, owner and chef of Picante Restaurant. A scratch golfer, he’s the odds-on favorite to win it back this year.

Here is the planned schedule…

Practice Round Friday, Round One Saturday and Round Two Sunday
Entry Fee, Tee Gift and Beverage Cart
Continental Breakfast at Café Med during stay
Opening Reception at Clubhouse
Lunch Saturday & Sunday
Awards Reception Sunday

36-Hole Stroke Play
Championship Flight, Men’s Flight (10 to 24 handicap),
Senior Flight (50 to 64), Super Senior Flight (65 and over) & Ladies Flight

Rate for Stay and Play (Two Nights – $915, Three Nights – $1165, & Four Nights – $1415)
Rate for Play-only ($415)

NOTE: Stay & Play Rates are based on double occupancy in a Beachfront Junior Suite for one golfer. For additional golfer sharing accommodations, please add $415.00 to package rates above. Maximum 2 people per room. Package Rates include 10% Government Tax, 10% Service Charge, and $1.00 per adult per night Government Marketing Levy.

Download this PDF for more information, including sponsorships.

Or contact Ryan Bowey, PGA pro, directly at…
phone: 264.498.5602

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Morlens School of Music Community Recital Series

If you are on-island during the weekend of April 5-6, and if you’d like to see a truly outstanding local event, don’t miss the Morlens School of Music Community Recital Series. It continues on Sunday April 6, 2014 when trombonist Leon Christie takes the stage at the St. Augustine’s Anglican Church.

Leon is a 5th Form student at the ALHCS. He has blossomed into a fluent, confident musician and is looking forward to his first solo performance. He is also an excellent steel pannist and a proficient bassist, talents which will also be on display at the much anticipated event.

The Morlens Community Series commenced in February of 2013 and has placed several young talents on stage during the year to rave reviews from appreciative audiences. Violinist/saxophonist Remieko Richards will follow Christie in the month of May.

Now a word from those who organize these tremendous events…

“The management of the Morlens School wishes to express gratitude to all who have been unwavering in the support of our local musical youth and generous in their donations toward the Series’ beneficiaries – the Blossom Centre and the ALHCS concert band.”

Put this on your calendar and let them know how you loved it, or ask if you have questions, at their Facebook page.

Morlens School of Music Recital with Leon Christie

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Moonsplash 2014, See You There!

March 14-16, the countdown to Moonsplash begins!

For those new to this island-splash of music and merriment by the moon and the sea, here’s the info you need to know. If you’re back for your umpteenth party check out…

Here’s what’s happening, in one exciting musical nutshell (click on image for full-size graph in new browser tab or window)…

Moonsplash 2014 events

See you there!

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Straw Hat Serving Lionfish!

Straw Hat has figured out a way to “kill 2 fish with one stone.” Here’s their story, as reported by good friend Peter Parles…

“About a year ago we were visited by the Environmental Health Department (EHD) and the Department of Fisheries (DoF) and asked to take a short survey about lionfish, the invasive species that have been multiplying in great numbers and are causing real problems for the fish supply in our local waters. We spoke at length with these government departments and realized that there was a real commitment to do something about trying to control the proliferation of these pests before it became a bigger problem.

As SCUBA divers, Anne and I have been on many dives where the dive master has spent much of our bottom time shooting lionfish and the numbers have increased each time we have been diving. The survey was presented to restaurants in Anguilla and was basically asking about our knowledge of the fish, the problems they are causing and whether we would be willing to use them in the restaurant.

Two weeks ago I received an email from the Anguilla Hotel & tourism Association alerting us of a lionfish seminar that was being presented by the EHD in cooperation with Fadilah Ali, a PhD student from the University of Southampton who is working on her thesis entitled The Lionfish Invasion in the Southern Caribbean. Chef Nick and I spoke about the seminar and Nick attended this past Wednesday.

He came back very excited and started calling fishermen immediately and, we are proud to announce, we served our first lionfish special last night! Everyone who tried it loved it (including Straw Hat staff who were initially afraid to try it at all).”

For more information about lionfish (what they are, how they became a problem, how they taste and what we can do about the problem), click here.

Now let’s hear Nick’s thoughts, starting you off with some yummy pics…

lionfish anguilla


This week I had a unique opportunity to start working with Lionfish. Last night was the first time we served it at Straw Hat and the response was amazing. Despite the myths of the Lionfish being “poisonous,” with a little education it is quite delicious and not terribly difficult to work with.

This past Wednesday I was able to attend a class sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and the Department of Fisheries where I was supplied with a wealth of knowledge on this fish. It is a big issue that is growing very quickly.

Lionfish are unique in many ways, one being the way they reproduce. Female Lionfish can lay up to fifteen thousand eggs every three to four days. They’re gluttons too, swallowing little fish whole with no regard to any other hungry fish around them.

They don’t get full either, and in fact will use the binge and purge tactic to keep eating! They are excellent hunters with bilateral swim valves so they can essentially go side to side to catch even more prey.

So what eats Lionfish?? WE DO!! (that’s about it). There are some species of fish in the Indo-Pacific that have been observed preying on lionfish but ultimately most fish will only eat them if they are wounded.

So we have this rapidly reproducing, overeating beast in the sea around us that will take over if we don’t do something about it! So we’ve started.

Last night I cleaned about forty pounds of the fish and will do another forty for tonight. The meat is lovely, a mix between the texture of a small grouper and the sweetness of a red snapper.

The fillets are a nice size and the overall process of cleaning them is not that difficult. It takes a little patience and time, but at this point it is very necessary.

They are as versatile as a snapper. You can fry them whole, bread the filets, steam or grill them. A diving buddy told me of a lionfish pizza he had!

I encourage all of our guests to give it a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I encourage our colleagues to do the same and if you need a hand or a little assistance in using the fish, feel free to come by for a demo.

Thank you Peter and Ann for starting the ball rolling on this.”

To everyone at Straw Hat… great job! If the lion is the “king of the beasts,” this species sounds like the “king of the reef fish.”

When Nori gets back from New York, we intend to sample “the king”… sounds delicious!

Let’s eat our way out of this problem!

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Pack for a Purpose and Franginpani Join to Help Blowing Point Youth Development Center

Here is a cause that deserves your support. It is a collaboration between Frangipani Beach Resort and Pack For a Purpose. The goal is to help the Blowing Point Youth Development Center.

Pack for a Purpose makes big impacts on the lives of children around the world. It does that with the help of travelers.


Use the available space in your luggage to provide needed supplies. For example, 5 pounds (2.27 kilos) delivers…

  • 400 pencils
  • 5 deflated soccer balls with an inflation device
  • A stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff and 500 band-aids

What you bring with you helps the Blowing Point Youth Development Center (BPYDC) to provide after school programs for children, a service that is much-needed in Anguilla.

It bridges the gap between school and home for Anguilla’s youngsters. Staff and volunteers support and guide them, both in academics and life.

The BPYDC depends on the generosity of donors in Anguilla and abroad. Blowing Point was the first location for this type of program. There are now similar ones in the East End (H.O.P.E. Center) and in Island Harbour (Care Center), which Frangipani also hopes to help.

Here’s how the program works…

Visitors to Anguilla donate supplies based what the Center needs. You literally “pack for a purpose.” Simply bring necessary supplies to the hotel.

Click here for Blowing Point’s needs list. Pack what you can and drop it off at Frangipani. They will take it from there.

Pack for a Purpose works like this with hotels and resorts worldwide.. It has been awarded the Global Vision Award by Travel & Leisure. And it is a certified 501(c)(3), so all donations are tax-deductible for American travelers.

For more info, please contact Shannon Kircher at Frangipani Beach Resort (264-497-6442) or by email ( ).

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Tradition Sailing Charters’ New Offering

Tradition Sailing Charters is back for a 2nd year of romantic sailing cruises, reminiscent of decades ago. (If you’re not familiar with Tradition, read about Nori’s day out with them).

They report that they have already had some “great sailing excursions with gorgeous weather and lovely guests.” Guests continue to rave about their becoming-famous outings such as the “Tropical Cay Lobster Lunch Cruise” (click on image for easy-viewing full-sized version, opens in new browser window or tab)…

Tradition's Tropical Lobster Lunch Cruise, click for full-size

And their newest excursion, the Gourmet Sunset Dinner Cruise, is already a big hit…

Tradition's new Gourmet Sunset Dinner Cruise

For more information about Tradition Sailing, visit their website.

Click here for answers to common questions about cruising with Tradition.

And here is more information about Reservations and Cancellations Policies.

Tradition Sailing, lives up to its name, a throwback to sailing on an authentic beauty, with tons of history, loving restored by Laurie and Pam, good friends and folks who love to share the sea with visitors. Enjoy!

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AARF Has Puppies. Bring One Home!

AARF (Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation) has had a recent influx of puppies available for adoption.  We’re passing along this information from them. Click on photos for larger version of images.Bingo at AARF

We have some very nice puppies at the AARF Adoption Centre and Shelter who are waiting for you to come and meet them.

Bingo is a male around four months old, very nice and easy to be with.  He is on the shy side and enjoys loving attention.  Bingo is learning how to walk on a leash.

Spam, Siri, and Zip are sisters, playful and full of puppy energy and ready for their forever homes.

Siri at AARFZip at AARF

Tap and Sync are females around two months old.  Someone dropped them off at the dump and fortunately they were quickly found and brought to the shelter where they are available for adoption.

Sync, puppy at AARFTap at AARF







Bing is a beautiful girl around 11 weeks of age.  She looks like she might be part lab…

Bing, puppy at AARF

Information about Adoptions

The adoption fee for puppies is $25.  That includes their first vaccination and deworming, $10 off their second and third vaccinations (they need a series of three to be protected from common and serious diseases), and their spay/neuter surgery when they are around six months old.  The AARF Adoption Centre and Shelter is located within Morlens Veterinary Clinic near the Sandy Hill roundabout.  For directions, see our website,

The shelter and adoption centre will be open this week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9:30-12:30 and 3:30-5:00.  We expect to be open on Saturday from 9:30-12:30 but it’s best to call first (264.581.4600).  We will be closed on Thursday.  We invite you to come and meet all of our puppies.  We don’t have any kittens right now but we will be happy to take your contact information and let you know when some are available.

Can’t Adopt but Want to Help?

If you are flying to the Northeast you can help get puppies to loving forever homes by taking them to one of our adoptive families or rescue friends.  You will be saving a very precious life.  All you have to do is take the puppy with you in the cabin of your plane, where she will sit in her soft carrier under the seat in front of you.
You will be met at the airport by one of our rescue partners or by the adoptive family.  All of the puppy’s expenses will be covered.  It’s fun to travel with a puppy, you’ll have lots of admiring fellow travelers coming to talk to you, and you will be a very significant part of the puppy’s future.

If you are flying from Anguilla or St. Maarten and can take a puppy with you, or if you would like more information about the process, send us an email at or call us on the shelter phone at 476.2731.  This is extremely important rescue work that you can do with very little effort, and have a life changing impact.

Our current needs are flights to Boston, Hartford, Providence, Newark, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto and other airports within driving distance.  If you are flying to another location, we may also be able to find someone at your home airport to help.  We’ve recently put some happy travel photos on our website’s home page, check them out at

Please Spread the Word

Spread the word about our puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats through social media, when you meet people on the beach, however you can.  There are a lot of visitors to Anguilla who do not know about AARF and our need for adoptions and transports, and who would be happy to help once they became aware.

Note From Ken

Cute, cute, cute. And it looks like someone at AARF went “techie” naming these gorgeous little puppies… Bing, Zip, Spam, Siri, Sync, Tap. Where’s Google? ;-)

Take an Anguillian puppy home. You’ll have a loving and loyal reminder of Anguilla forever AND save a life at the same time.

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What’s New At Ani Villas Anguilla?

Ani Villas, perched on the cliff edge of Little Bay, starts the year off with a luxury bang, introducing several new improvements this year. In the few years of its existence, Ani has become an icon of ultra-luxury, complete with its $250,000 Holiday Indulgence (round-trip travel in private yet is included, of course).

Ani Villas and Staff

Ani Villas and Staff

Chef Kelston Connor

Chef Kelston Connor

How could Ani possibly be improved? Here is what’s new for 2014…

Chef Kelston “Sweets” Connor joins Ani Villas as Executive Chef. Sweets served several of our guests over the past 10 months and after consistent rave reviews, he is coming on board full time.

He is a true local talent, having honed his skills at several of the finest restaurants and hotels in Anguilla including Cap Juluca, Viceroy and Veya. His level of sophistication and ability to combine the best of local and international cuisine boil down to a simple result… Guests are loving his food.

Tennis Pro Denny Derrick

Tennis Pro Denny Derrick

Tennis Pro Denny Derrick comes on board as in-house Tennis and Activity director. Over the last several years Denny was the head pro and ran the Tennis program at Cuisinart Resort.

Tennis lessons and programs for adults and kids alike are now offered at no additional cost to Ani guests. Denny also leads the mountain/trail bike riding excursions and instruction for other sports equipment on offer at Ani Villas, a great opportunity for the guests at Ani Villas to participate in some first rate sports instruction.

Denny is another local product, having grown up learning Tennis at the Anguilla Tennis Academy to become the island’s top seeded player while coaching in the children’s program of which he himself was a student.

6 seater golf carts

Ani Villas also took delivery of two sporty new 6-seater Golf Carts just in time for the holidays. The golf carts are free for guests to use – useful for hopping back and forth to our closest beaches – Limestone and Crocus Bay.

Ani offers full beach butler service on any of the island’s beaches. Limestone Bay, its “home” beach, is most popular for private outings and parties. The carts make it easy to hop back and forth for both guests and staff (for on-beach service).

One cart comes with the rental of each villas, or both for the estate as a whole.

paddle boarding anguilla

The final addition, five Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs), rounds out the assortment of sports equipment at the villas. The SUP’s were custom made by E-tech Boards in California using all sustainable eco friendly materials – but more importantly ride smooth!

The boards range in size – 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 feet – for various heights and abilities – with sexy Ani Villas and Anguilla Flag graphics! The Ani Villas Team will deliver the boards to whatever beach our guests are visiting each day. Guests have been playing with them all over the island.

If, from this update, you are getting the sense that Ani is the ultimate in Anguillian vacation luxury, you would be absolutely right…

More information on their site.

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Anguilla Puppy Express and Other News from AARF

Here’s some news, information and requests from AARF that we’re happy to pass along. Sorry we don’t have any new darling puppy photos to show at the moment. There are none up for adoption at the moment! Good news for puppies!

Anguilla Puppy Express

Now that we are in the season when we have a lot of visitors, and many of our residents travel from Anguilla to the US and Canada, we’d like to ask you to consider bringing a puppy or kitten or two with you when you travel. We have rescue partners in various locations in the Northeast. They will meet you at the airport to receive the puppy and will find her a loving forever home. Sometimes an adoption is finalized before the flight, and you would be met by the new family.

We do not have enough adoptions into Anguilla families for all of the puppies and kittens who are surrendered, and our international rescue efforts not only save the lives of many, many animals but provide them with wonderful forever families. All of the puppy’s expenses will be paid for; you just have to make a reservation with your airline and take the puppy in the cabin with you. If you can help, or if you have any questions about transporting, please email us at

Of course we’d love to have you adopt a puppy or kitten yourself as well! If you want to help the Anguilla Puppy Express by giving a donation, you can make a contribution at the shelter, by mail, or on our website via PayPal. Just make a notation that it’s for the Puppy Express. Donations are much appreciated as they help us cover the costs for an adoption that might otherwise not happen.

Happy Stories on Facebook

More and more people are sharing their Anguilla puppy/kitten stories on Facebook and it’s a fun way to share and to see our little ones grow with their families. AARF has a Facebook page called Aarf Anguilla. There is a new group that Kevin Lloyd just started called Anguillan Pet Owners (URL not available yet). Fly-A-Pup; Saving Anguillan Pups is another great site run by our friends Klara and Rosie.

Our rescue partner Sue in NJ has Island Puppy Rescue International. Our rescue partner Elena in CT has The Animal Experts. Our rescue partner Heather in PA has Critter Corral Inc. Our rescue partner Lisa in Toronto has Lisa’s Small Dog Rescue. Our rescue partner in MA, via our friend Laurence, is Save A Dog, Inc. Anguilla Adopted Puppies

And don’t forget our website at Here’s a photo we love, of three puppies who were adopted from Anguilla into different homes at different times and now go to doggy day care together.

Join us at Roy’s on Friday Nights

We are back into the swing of the Friday night happy hour raffles at Roy’s Bayside Grill in Sandy Ground. Raffle tickets are just $1 each or 6/$5. We have fun prizes and the drawing is at 7pm. All prizes are donated, and all money raised goes to AARF.

Please Help

Can you bring some soft carriers to Anguilla? We have a few more soft carriers in the States that we need to get back to the shelter so that we can use them again. If you are traveling to Anguilla and can bring two or more along, please let us know. They can be folded and put into a suitcase.

This is an ongoing need, as we send puppies and kittens to the States, we need the carriers back, and having people bring them when they come to Anguilla is the easiest for us. We will arrange to have the carriers mailed to your home or place of business.

Cleaning House? Now that the holidays are over, many of us get the urge to clean house. It’s a perfect time to set aside things you no longer use and donate them to AARF for our yard sale. Maybe that gift you received and will never use will be treasured by someone else.

We happily accept all new and gently used items. You can drop them off at the AARF container behind Anguilla Techni Sales on the North Hill Road or at the shelter. If you have furniture or other large items and need help, send us an email at The sale of just a few items at the yard sale will pay for the cost of a vaccination and go a long way toward paying for a spay.

Shelter Wish List

If you are coming to Anguilla and would like to bring something to help our shelter animals, we can always use small (6-12″) puppy collars, leashes, washable puppy and kitten toys, treats, soft sided carriers for international adoptions, hard sided crates to use for rentals, as well as much needed financial donations. We hope you will stop by the shelter, meet our guests, cuddle puppies and kittens, buy an AARF tee shirt or hat to take home with you. We always enjoy meeting new supporters and seeing returning friends.

Wonder how to make a donation to AARF if you’re not in Anguilla? It’s easy with our PayPal donation button on the AARF website ( On the home page and other pages you’ll see the icon of AARF poster girl Freya, who is now happily living in Maine with her loving forever family. Click on the icon and you’ll see how easy it is to donate.

freya-anguilla-kittenAs we’ve said before, AARF gets no support from the government. All of our programs are funded through the generosity of people like you, whether through direct donations, membership dues, or participating in our fund raisers. Here’s the Freya icon to look for on our website.

Thank you for all you do. It truly makes a difference.

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Roy’s Friday Night Happy Hour

Roy’s Bayside Grill is one of our favorite places in Anguilla to dine when we’re in the mood for a spot that is comfortable as our favorite pair of flip-flops.

View from Roy's

View from Roy's, Courtesy of

You are always greeted with a big smile by Mandy, Joan and staff. Roy peeks out from the grill to say “hi” and we’re always happy to see Tatiana heading over to our table, menus in hand.

She cuts an imposing figure, making her slightly shy demeanor and smile all the more charming. And, in case you are wondering, it turns out that “Tatiana” is not only an East European first name.

Having recently added breakfast, Roy’s covers it all, including daily lunch specials and a Friday Night Happy Hour, from 5PM to 7PM.

The Happy Hour menu varies. Fish ‘n Chips is usually on the slate, along with an interesting 2nd choice. This week, it’s Beef Bourguignon…

Roy's Happy Hour and Lunch Special Menu

The price of $15 includes a beach chaise, so it’s not a bad idea to catch a few hours of sun on the beach at Sandy Ground before popping in for a tasty and cheap supper (add $18 for a bottle of house wine).

For those on a budget, Roy’s should be high on your list of dining options.

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