Under The Sea With Shoal Bay Scuba

Two friends were in-town visiting Anguilla this week. From hikes out to Iguana Cave, drives along every “scenic route,” they even jumped into the sea with Matthew Billington, owner of Shoal Bay Scuba nearly every day of their trip.

After two days of finishing their scuba certification, down to the shipwrecks they went!…

wreck dives in anguilla


diving in anguilla
From the impressive wrecks, to the colorful schools of large fish only found in deeper waters, to a breathtaking Triggerfish…

triggerfish in anguilla waters
… they even spotted a 10′ Spotted Eagle Ray. He put on quite a show, diving into the sand and twirling throughout the sea trying to shake a Remora off his back!

Of course, the camera had to die just in time for that spectacular sight. ;-)

With the ultra-professional Matthew at their side, they were in good hands, exploring Anguilla’s deep.

To book a snorkeling/scuba trip with Matthew, contact him at: Shoalbayscuba@gmail.com


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The Glossy Ibis, a Rare Visitor to Anguilla, Returns!

Nature Explorers Anguilla guests were treated to a rare event this week, a Glossy Ibis feeding on East End Pond. This species is a rare visitor to Anguilla with the only public record being of a single bird on Road Salt Pond in 2002.

In 2014 a number of birds of this species were spotted in St. Martin and remained there for several weeks. According to Rafffaele et al, it is considered a rare sighting in the Lesser Antilles.


glossy ibis anguilla
This large wading bird has a long curved bill and is dark in color. It is normally found along the US Atlantic coast but may also be seen in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

If you would like to see this rare visitor and other exciting wildlife on Anguilla,  take a walk on the wild side with Nature Explorers Anguilla.


Call:1.264.584.0346 or email: Jackiec@natureexplorersanguilla.com to book your tour.

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Steel Pan Music at Roy’s Bayside Grill

I’m excited to announce that every Wednesday evening Roy’s Bayside Grill is now featuring the talented Joe Carty on steel pan.

From 6-9pm, Joe plays classical Caribbean music just steps from the sand. You don’t come by steel pan often in Anguilla, and the location can’t be beat at Roy’s Bayside Grill on Sandy Ground!

To make a reservation, call: 264-497-2470




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It is Breeding Season in Anguilla’s Wetlands!

With water levels still high, a number of waterfowl are finding excellent breeding habitat on our wetlands.  Resident White-cheeked Pintail Ducks and Common Moorhens are rearing a number of chicks.  Meanwhile wintering birds like coots and Ruddy ducks, are also raising their young.

It is a great time of year to visit our wetlands with your family.  Who doesn’t love an adorable baby bird?

Take a walk on the wild side with Nature Explorers Anguilla and see our incredible wildlife!
Email:  jackiec@natureexplorersanguilla.com or call: 1.264.584.0346 to schedule a tour today.

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“Green” Gifts From ZaZAA Boutique

Head to ZAZAA boutique for some really out of the ordinary, locally made jewellery…

green jewelry from zazaa

green earrings from zazaa boutique
Crafted from bicycle chains, computer wires and bits and pieces from all over Anguilla, they make quite a statement and are a great talking point. Go green for gifts and personal purchases :-)

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The Hungry Caterpillar


There are a lot of interesting bugs and caterpillars on the island at this time of year.  One example is this stunning Tetrio Sphinx.  You will most often find it feeding on the tender green leaves of the local Frangipani bushes.  In its adult form, itis a large drab grey moth that is found in the American tropics and subtropics.


nature explorers anguilla's photo of a hungry caterpillar

We hope you will join Nature Explorers Anguilla to see the island’s exciting wildlife.  Please call: 1.264.584.0346 or email: jackiec@natureexplorersanguilla.com to book your tour today!


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Limin’ Boutique’s Light & Peace Creations

We are excited to announce that the majestic Sail from the beautiful “Light & Peace” sailboat that once glided over Anguilla’s tranquil seas…

anguillian sailboat light and peace

… has been handcrafted into beautiful Beach Totes, iPad Covers, Wine Bags, Shave Kits, Wristlets & more.

limin boutique light and peace souvenirs

The sail’s previous life on the water is apparent through natural markings on each piece.

The Wine Bags along with the “Beaches of Anguilla” sands Wine Stoppers make a lovely & memorable gift!


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Sunday Lunch at Roy’s


Any day is a good day down at Roy’s Bayside Grill…

view from roy's on sandy ground


Their picture-perfection setting right on the sands of Sandy Ground is indeed reason enough (and beach chairs are included with lunch) to pay Roy, Mandy, Patrick and Claire a visit.

… but of all days, Sunday is our favorite day of the week at Roy’s.


The lunch special. Roy’s serves affordable and mouthwatering lunch specials every day of the week, and Sunday it is always their succulent roast beef.


roast beef on sunday's at roy's on sandy ground

Roy mans the grill, serving up slices of classic English roast beef, with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding…


sunday lunch mashed potatoes from roy's

… and it wouldn’t be a traditional English roast lunch without mashed potatoes, carrots and cabbage and horseradish, too ;-)

Thank you, Roy, for another terrific roast lunch in paradise!



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Nature Explorer Anguilla’s Most Recent Sightings


Anguilla has been experiencing some interesting weather recently. However, this has not diminished the birding experience. Nature Explorers Anguilla found this amazing Wilson’s Phalarope feeding among Lesser Yellowlegs, Stilt Sandpipers and resident Killdeer on West End Pond.

The Wilson’s Phalarope is a scarce visitor to Anguilla seen generally in the month of September. This species spends most of the year in North America but winters in South America. The predominantly white winter plumage makes it stand out from other birds in the flock.

If you would like to experience our island’s rich biodiversity, come take a walk on the wild side with Nature Explorers Anguilla! We have a variety of tour start times and durations to make your Anguilla wildlife experience special.

Call: 1.264.584.0346 or email: jackiec@natureexplorersanguilla.com to book your tour today.


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Saturdays at da’Vida


da’Vida may be famous for their ever-popular Sunday beach parties, with live music by the talented Omari Banks, but Saturdays at da’Vida shouldn’t be overlooked!

… especially if you love utter tranquility, peace and quiet.


With a glass of rose (or maybe a strawberry daiquiri), lazing away a Saturday, with just the sounds of Crocus Bay’s rhythmic waves lapping at the shore…



Or, when we’re feeling a little more adventurous, renting some snorkeling gear or an SUP on-site and heading out to leisurely explore Crocus Bay’s seas?

It’s simply the best way to enjoy tranquility wrapped in blue!

And don’t forget about da’Vida’s Happy Hour held Wednesday (6-7pm) and Saturday (8-9pm) in their elegant dining room next to the Bayside Grill. All drinks are 50% off!



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