Glitch Found for Band-O-Rama

Five Star Solutions, the tabulators for the last five years for the Anguilla Summer Festival using the Electronic Tabulation System JudgeMe, wishes to advise that the final tallies for five (5) bands were inaccurately reported by JudgeMe.

This inaccuracy was realized after several concerns were reported by the judges at the said event. Because accuracy and accountability are important to Five Star Solutions, the Bands Committee and 5 Star Solutions decided to conduct an audit of the Electronic Tabulation System, JudgeMe, and the original Judges’ score sheets.

The audit involved a manual recount which in turn revealed an error in one of the functions. The function that generated the error is designed to discard the highest and lowest score for each band by each criterion.

This is done to eliminate any biased judges from affecting the final outcomes. The Band-o-Rama had five (5) judges. One of the bands was issued a time penalty for exceeding the 5 minutes allocated to perform their test piece.

This penalty was introduced for that one band and consequently, this interrupted the function that eliminated the highest and lowest scores that followed.  Therefore, all bands that performed after the penalized band were reported inaccurately.

This error was isolated to the Band-o-Rama section ONLY and did not affect the Band Clash or any other shows as each show has its own criteria and formula for tabulation.

Five Star Solutions would like to state that in NO WAY were the Judges’ original scores altered or compromised. This was verified by the Bands Committee and representatives from both DeMovements Band and Pantha Vibes International. The official scores will be published/released by the Bands Committee.

5 Star Solutions sincerely apologizes to all parties involved for this error and any inconveniences caused.

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