Tokyo Bay’s Ultra-Fresh Sushi & Sashimi Bites

As a pre-Mother’s Day celebration, last week we headed to my Mom’s #1 Anguilla restaurant… Tokyo Bay!

With Chef Jasper Schneider, Tokyo Bay never fails to spark your taste buds with their outstanding Japanese cuisine.

The meal began with their starter sampler, including spicy edamame…

edamame from tokyobay

Shishito peppers…

shishito peppers tokyobay

And, my Dad’s favorite, the spicy rock shrimp tempura…

rock shrimp tempura

Next? Appetizers!

The “Salmon Nori” in with a nori vinaigrette, topped with puffed quinoa. We always order two of these dishes.

salmon nori japanese dish

Two of the Duck Duck Goose Dumplings, too!

duck gyoza anguilla

And then? On to the star of the evening, the sushi bites!

California Rolls with real crab…

california roll anguilla

The Hamachi Scallion. A night at Tokyo Bay is never complete for my Mom without this refreshingly-light roll.

hamachi scallion roll sushi

The Sushi Sampler, with a selection of ultra-fresh and expertly-sliced sushi pieces.

sushi sampler tokyo bay

And, finally, the Sashimi Sampler!

Hamachi, tuna, salmon, shrimp and scallop were beautifully displayed on a bed of ice. The extra-special piece on the Sashimi Sampler that night?

beautiful sashimi sampler at tokyo bay anguilla

Freshly caught Snapper!

Sliced just right, it was melt-in-your-mouth perfect.


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