Anguilla’s Jammin’ Team Discusses Recycling with Omololu International School Grade Two Students

This week the Anguilla’s Jammin’ team hosted Miss Kourtney Smith’s Grade Two class at the Aquaponic Farm.

Her class focused on a unit with the central idea “the choices we make impact our environment.” In Miss Smith’s words, “In this unit, we are examining different aspects of the environment (both plants and animals) and how humans can positively and negatively impact the environment.”

anguillas jammin class
As part of their visit we discussed how we use renewable energy to power the Aquaponic Garden and recycling of our jars to reduce the amount of waste in Anguilla’s landfill. We will visit the classroom to collect the jars in the coming weeks and pay each student US$0.05 for their recycling efforts.

If you would like to be a part of the Anguilla’s Jammin’ recycling effort, return your empty jam jars to us to receive your US$0.05/jar. Help keep Anguilla Beautiful. #RecycleAnguilla #EveryLittleBitHelps

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