More Stories of Success From Anguilla Tennis Academy

Last week we shared the inspiring stories of Anguilla Tennis Academy students Nzingha Banks, Tamisha Richardson and Sabrina Connor.

Incredible achievements thanks to the exceptional opportunities provided by the Anguilla Tennis Academy and its founder, Mr. Mitchelle Lake, the heartwarming stories of success continue this week!

Our congratulations Alex Fleming Lake on his fantastic presentation for TEDx…

alex fleming lake
Alex is the son of the founder and President of the ATA, Mr. Mitchelle Lake and has been an active participant in the After School Program. Please take a moment to listen to Alex’s presentation as he seeks to share his message with the world. Click below to watch.



Avern Gumbs graduated from Clark Atlanta University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management. Upon graduation, she enrolled in a Masters of Public Administration program at Clark Atlanta University where her focus is in Public Policy. Avern successfully completed her first year of graduate school with a 4.0 GPA. This remarkable feat was accomplished while Avern served as the Assistant Tennis Coach to the Clark Atlanta University Women’s Tennis team who placed second in the 2018 conference season with a win/loss record of 13-3 and overall record of 15-7. In addition, Avern served as the Assistant Academic Advisor for Student Athletes within the Athletic Department.

avern gumbs

Currently, Avern has taken a keen interest into the Local Government sector where she serves as a Special Projects intern for the City of Smyrna at Smyrna City Hall. Through this opportunity, she occasionally interacts with Mayors, council men and women and learn valuable information as to how cities are run.

Avern ended her first school year as the appointed 2018-2019 Communications Officer for the Public Administration Student Association and as the Co-Founder and President of the International City/County Managers Association (ICMA) of Clark Atlanta University Student Chapter.

Founder and President of the Anguilla Tennis Academy, Mr. Mitchelle Lake remarked, “Avern embarked on her tertiary education at the tender age of 16 and received a Bachelor of Arts degree at the age of 20. She has blossomed into a confident young lady with a strong work ethic. Avern is making a substantial impact at Clark Atlanta University. She is also a great ambassador for the ATA program.”

We take this opportunity to congratulate Avern Gumbs and wish her continued success in her graduate studies.


Rodrigo Vazquez was the most recent Anguilla Tennis Academy (ATA) graduate to attend college on a tennis athletic scholarship. In the Fall of 2017, Rodrigo began his Freshman year at LeTourneau University, Texas. He is concentrating on a Bachelor of Science (BS) in the field of Engineering.

During his first semester, Rodrigo enrolled into an Introductory to Engineering course where he successfully designed, built and programmed a 3D printer. In addition, he designed other 3D models using an engineering software program that will be used to construct future engineering projects such as weather stations. He also enrolled in introduction to computer engineering where he was taught the basis of the components of a computer and Calculus where he was introduced to the world of derivatives and its various applications to the field of engineering.

During his second semester, Rodrigo enrolled in Introduction to Engineering practices II. He was a member of an engineering team that successfully designed and built a portable weather station. Various parts of the weather station were designed and programmed by Rodrigo using a 3D modeling software program.

rodrigo vazquez

Rodrigo stated, “I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at LeTourneau thus far. I truly believe that it was the best choice overall. My skills and knowledge are put to the test on a daily basis which will help to shape me into the engineer that I want to be. In addition, the experience of being part of the tennis team is like no other. My teammates and I strive to make each other better every day. I am very thankful for the ATA and the opportunity to train at such a great facility and with amazing coaches.”

Rodrigo was the only tennis player from the freshman class of new tennis recruits to be named to the LeTourneau Yellow Jackets starting lineup as most of the returning players filled the other spots. The team finished third in the American Southwest Conference (ASC) this Fall and lost in the second round at the Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) tournament. Rodrigo is currently in Anguilla on Summer break and giving back by working with the younger children in the ATA’s After School Program.

Founder and President of the ATA, Mr. Mitchelle Lake stated, “I am proud of Rodrigo and his first year accomplishments. He is making great strides towards fulfilling his dream to become an engineer. The ATA is helping to develop and advance great young minds through the sport of tennis. I applaud Rodrigo coming back to Anguilla and imparting his knowledge and skills to the younger children in the ATA’s After School Program.”

We take this opportunity to congratulate Rodrigo Vazquez and his proud parents Mr. Raul Vazquez and Mrs. Alicia Vazquez.

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