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Anguilla has over 30 beautiful white sand beaches. . . .

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Sandy Hill Beach

This beach is a local favorite: quiet protected water, excellent snorkelling, never crowded, located in the east end (directions and more info).

To about Anguilla's beaches and see hundreds of more pictures? Visit

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Tasty's Cafe

[Click to enlarge] Are you looking for a special local restaurant that has delicious food, low prices, and is clean with pleasant surroundings? You're in luck. Try Tasty's Cafe on the main road in South Hill.

Not only is the menu interesting, but Chef Dale Carty offers daily specials, such as Snapper Creole filet, Wrapped Herb Snapper, and Pot Fish Sandwich, or West Indian Curry Goat and Grandma's Stew Chicken (remember, Dale works as one of the chefs at Malliouhana Hotel). Only open for breakfast and lunch, but they serve Starbucks coffee!

Open 7 days a week, 7:30am to 3:00pm.
Telephone: 1-264-497-2737.
Email: [email protected]

Directions: on the main road near the Methodist Church in South Hill. From the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left, then left again past the airport entrance and through the roundabout down the main road. Continue west, straight through the Sandy Ground roundabout and watch for Tasty's on the right side in about a mile.

Tasty's Breakfast Menu
[Click to enlarge] Grand Marnier French Toast with sliced fruit $6.50

Pancakes and Sausage with Maple Syrup $5.00

Homemade Roll Basket $3.50

Omelette (A choice of Cheese, Spicy Vegetables, Mushrooms, Bacon, Ham) $4.00

Omelette with Cheese, Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes and local Herbs $5.00

Expresso $2.00 * Starbuck's Coffee $2.00 * Tea $2.00

Fruit Salad $3.50 * Fruit Juices $1.50 * Milk $1.50

Tasty's Lunch Menu
[Click to enlarge] Soup of the Day $3.00

Chicken Caesar Salad $6.50 * Chicken Sandwich $5.00

Tuna with Melted Cheese Sandwich $4.50

Pot Fish Sandwich $4.00

Hamburger $4.00 * Cheeseburger $5.00

Veggie Burger $5.00

Spaghetti Bolognese $6.50 * Spicy Vegetable Pasta $5.00

Seafood Pasta $6.00

Jumbo Wings $6.50 * Chicken and Chips $7.00

Fish and Chips $7.00

All sandwiches and burgers served with Fries.

Dessert of the Day $2.00

Cheesecake $3.00

Assorted Ice Creams $2.00

All Prices are quoted in U.S. Dollars

Tasty's Cafe does not normally serve dinner. Instead the business converts over to Prim's Pizza under separate management.

Prim's sells pizza by the pie or the slice (EC$4/US1.50 per slice). The Full House Special Pizza is EC$20/US$7.50. A basic cheese pizza varies from EC$12/US$4.50 for 10" to EC$27/US$10 for 18". They have every kind of topping at an extra charge of EC$0.50/US$0.20 for olives to EC$5/US$2 for Lobster.

Weather in Anguilla

Weather Summary Anguilla
Today: Cloudy 82F 27C 69% Humidity, November 7
Low temp since last news report 77F 25C
High temp since last news report 84F 28C
Low humidity since last news report 65%
Tropical storm web sites Link Alt
Anguilla weather forecasts Link Alt
New to Anguilla?
More Tips

When a hurricane crosses a Caribbean island, communications becomes very difficult. The most useful source for Anguilla information during a hurricane is the Anguilla Mailing List. Another useful web site is the Caribbean Hurricane Home Page, which has reports from correspondents on many islands. [Click to enlarge]

Another One! As of November 16th, Hurricane Lenny is headed in our direction.

Hurricane Jose passed about 20 miles south of Anguilla during October. According to the hotel association, "the storm caused only minimal damage to member properties and businesses. A quick survey and site inspection revealed only a few minor trouble spots, including beach redistribution along Rendezvous Bay and beach erosion at Shoal Bay West [not The Shoal Bay] and Maundays Bay." The torrential rains (13.5 inches!) that followed left temporary "lakes" in every low point across the island, but they drained away into the coral within a few days.

To the right is picture of Island Harbour village after the heavy rains.

Stoney Bay Marine Park

Islands magazine has awarded a 1999 Ecotourism Award to Anguilla Maritime Research Ltd (and its division, Shoal Bay Scuba and Watersports) for its work in the development and preservation of the Stoney Bay Marine Park. The site was discovered during a diving expedition in 1986 by local fisherman Leander "Bull" Bryan, who located the remains of the El Buen Consejo, an 18th century Spanish galleon that shipwrecked off the southeastern shoves of Anguilla on July 8, 1772 (see web site for the wreck at

Bryan eventually shared his secret with Americans Ray Knudsen and David Stephens and the trio formed a partnership to develop the site into a business, while protecting it as well.

Designated as an Underwater Archaeological Preserve by the Government of Anguilla, the site is being managed by AMR. The Marine Park is a joint private and public venture, that intends to be a model for underwater archaeological tourism.

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AMR has developed a unique underwater museum at Stoney Bay accessible only by divers through Shoal Bay Scuba and sanctioned by an exclusive 20-year lease with Government. For more information, visit their web site at or call 1-264-497-4371.

Events in Anguilla

Anguilla Questions?
Email the Tourist Board at [email protected] or the Hotel Association at [email protected]

Full Moon Party Tuesday, Nov 23. Bunnie Cox (email: [email protected]) writes:

We had such a good time last Jan at the full moom/blue moon party at Serenity. We won't be back until Jan 27 and the full moon will be over. Wish he would have another party without the full moon! We had a great gang there and soooo much fun!
Serenity on Shoal Bay confirms they will be having full moon parties on the beach again this season, with dancing under the stars. The first full moon is Tuesday, November 23. Phone 1-264-497-3328 to confirm party and why not make a dinner reservation too?

Jose Postpones Tourist Fete. A couple of the events scheduled as part of the Tourism Fete 99 have been postponeded until December due to the disruption of the offices caused by Hurricane Jose. The awards ceremony and open house of Nov 2 is now Dec 3, and the judging of the best village competition is moved from Oct 29 to Nov 26.

St Gerards Garden Party. Margie Morani says that the evening event is scheduled for March 4, 2000. And Bob Conrich (email: [email protected]) says "It's always on the Friday before Ash Wednesday."

Press and Travel Agents Visit Anguilla. During the month of November, Anguilla will receive a number of visitors from the international press and from top-producing travel agents from the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany interested in increasing Anguilla's visibility in the global marketplace . Starting from November 3rd, the Anguilla Tourist Board and the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association, will be hosting journalists from international newspapers and magazines such as Travel Weekly, Jax Fax, Dive International, Islands Magazine, The Times, The London Evening Standard and the Irish Tatler, plus travel agencies from Europe and the United States. For further information, contact: Ena Boasman-Hodge, Anguilla Tourist Board, Old Factory Plaza. Telephone: 264-497-2759. Fax: 264-497-2710.

Heroes and Heroines of Anguilla's revolution

[Click to enlarge] Anguilla's revolutionary stalwarts are being commemorated on the country's postage stamps. The Anguilla Philatelic Bureau has taken the initiative to perpetually honour the selfless service of those men and women who worked with great resolve, placing country above self in their quest for self determination.

"Heroes and Heroines of Anguilla's Revolution" is intended to be a continuous theme to honour posthumously those who featured prominently in the struggle to liberate their country from servitude and poverty's ever tightening grasp. It is an honour to salute the work and memory of four Anguillans whose loyalty to country speaks volumes as their fitting epitaphs. will present the four heroes over the next four issues, starting with:

Edwin Wallace Rey (1906-1980)

Born at the turn of the twentieth century in 1906, Edwin Wallace Rey was one of the key architects of Anguilla's political reformation. The varied talents of this militant figure were greatly relied on during his country's political crisis. Aside from being an outspoken politician, Mr. Rey was an Architect/builder, Auto dealer, and more significantly a lobbyist for his country's liberation from the federation of St. Kitts/Nevis. Mr. Rey was among that group of determined activists who advocated and enforced the expulsion of the St. Kitts police on May 30th 1967. Wallace Rey's truck was one of the vehicles used to barricade the airstrip to prevent police reinforcements landing. He also spent many long nights guarding Anguilla's beaches to protect his land against pending invasions.

Rey was a member of the Peacekeeping Committee formed after the police expulsion in 1967. His political ambitions won him a seat on the Anguilla Council in October of the same year. As an independent thinker and radical politician this statesman found it most difficult to accept compromise in his country's bid for greater autonomy. Rey was a staunch critic of British government policies towards Anguilla. He once said that "Britain had bribed Anguillans in the past" but that Anguillans would no longer "bite at everything...", would no longer live on "Pie Crust promises".

Other significant involvements surrounding the evenful life of this politician include his trip to london in 1975 as part of a delegation to discuss a new constitution for Anguilla. Rey's active involvement in his country's political life ended in 1976 when he was denied re-election to the island's legislative Council.

Pole Numbering: A Revolution

[Click to enlarge] If you can see a power pole, you can't claim to be lost in Anguilla anymore! All the poles are being stenciled with a code that gives their GPS location - very useful on an island with few street names and no street numbers. Bring your GPS on your next visit to Anguilla.

This project was managed by Griffin Webster/Weblinks for Anglec, the Anguilla Electricity Company. He started using Anguillian students working for the summer at Beachtech to read the GPS, compute the code using a Palm Pilot and record the data into an Access database (Indah Wallace, Csaes Watley and Aldo Jackson). By the end of the summer the GPS reading and coding were turned over to the painting crew: Irwin Proctor and Ras Isamaus Jahnya (pictured right).

Here is the key for decoding the pole labels to GPS locations.

The label is made up of two parts. The top part is the North-South location and the bottom part is the East-West location. Each part of the label is made up of one letter and two digits. Using the tables below, the letters can be decoded to a number that gives the Hours and Minutes. Then you add the two digits to it, giving a precise GPS location. Note that the letters in the North-South table do not conflict with those in the East-West table. This is to ensure that there is no confusion with the translation.







[Click to enlarge]

For example, the picture above shows the pole outside the office: S17 over J44, translates as 18�15.17N 63:01.44W, or 18 degrees 15.17 minutes North, 63 degrees 01.44 minutes West.

Note. Some GPS's can show the locations as XXX.yyyy degrees as well. To determine the location in this format, first convert to XX degrees yy.yy minutes. Then get a mathematician to show you how to convert base 60 numbers to decimal.

Updates and Feedback

Try Travel Talk: You can read visitor questions about Anguilla and post answers on this forum (hint: it is organized by month).

Tête-à-Tête Forum: Read and post feedback on Julian Niles' Anguilla Home Page

Most Enjoyable Vacation Ever.

From:    Bill and Pam Livingston
Email:   [email protected]
Subject: Our trip to Anguilla
Date:    Tue, 26 Oct 1999 21:42:00 -0700
We just returned from the most enjoyable vacation that we have ever had! Not withstanding the fact that our last two days were visited by Hurricane Jose (which extended our stay by two days!).

We met many new friends during this time and the best part was that we were hosted by the friendliest people on earth! Anguilla was everything we had hoped for, quiet, beautiful beaches and great restaurants. In particular, we would like to say thanks to Mr. Fleming and all of his staff at the Anguilla Great House for their hospitality and friendship. Also a special thanks to Ken Gulley, their newly hired Chef, that provided us with gourmet meals even through Hurricane Jose's passing. We certainly will plan a return trip to Anguilla in the future.

Thank you,
Bill and Pam
Groton, CT USA

Specials at Shoal Bay Villas. All specials are US$, prepaid, tax and service included:

Three Local Chefs Profiled in the Nov99 Caribbean Travel and Life magazine:

And the article includes recipes for Reid's Pan-Seared Tuna with Guinea Corn Risotto and Sharpliss' Pumpkin-based Island Pea Soup, adapted so you can try them at home.

Moonsplash March 17-18, 2000. The 10th annual Moonsplash music festival and all-around beach party has been announced. According to recording artist Bankie Banx, festival founder and host performer, Moonsplash 2000, will coincide with the first full moon in March, and again be held at Banx's legendary Dune Preserve.

"Past Moonsplash headliners include Bob Marley's Wailers, Richie Havens and The Bacon Brothers, featuring well-known actor Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael. Scheduled performers for Moonsplash 2000 will be announced at a later date."

"The very nature of The Dune Preserve creates an experience surpassing any other music festival. Moonsplash guests gather together in the rustic setting like life-long friends, and enjoy the cool Caribbean breezes, the unspoiled, white powdery beaches of Anguilla and the twinkling lights of neighboring island, St. Maarten, as the music continues far into the night."

For more information on Bankie Banx and the Moonsplash Music Festival, contact ZEMI Entertainment (616) 785-8383 or email [email protected] Bankie' web site:

Beach Video Available! We have a copy of the new "Beaches of Anguilla" video and it is great. Lots of footage taken from the water, including beaches we have never visited such as Sherricks Bay. Available only on Anguilla in all gift shops and the Anguilla Drug Store.

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New Tennis Courts

The Frangipani Beach Club has new tennis courts and is building a new pool as well.

New Governor for Anguilla. Jason Butterworth (email: [email protected]) sent along this announcement from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office:

Peter Johnstone has been appointed Governor of Anguilla in succession to Robert Harris who will be retiring from the Diplomatic Service. Mr Johnstone will take up his appointment in early 2000.

Happy Hour at La Veranda is from 5 - 7pm with reduced prices on all drinks and good bar snacks. Breakfast is in the works, call 497-2225 for details.

Ecommerce Failure. Our attempt at a web-based question-answering system in the last issue was a dismal failure. We got more questions, but very few answers. We did get one correct answer to our location quiz for the old door, but it was from Christine, the same over-achiever tourist who won a previous Mystery Beach contest, and she had to be disqualified because she was standing next to me when I took the picture and she has the same picture in her photo album (correct answer was "Island Pub, Island Harbour").

Travex Site Updated. Travel Agent Joan Hays has redesigned her Anguilla web site. Update your bookmarks to the new locations:

Slick Is On His Way, If...

[Click to visit Slick's web site] Euclid "Slick" Carty is a 38-year old Anguillian with a special dream. He plans to represent Anguilla at the Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia in 2000.

Wheelchair bound since an automobile accident thirteen years ago, Slick has never considered himself a cripple. He's married, works full time in the vehicle inspection department and has always worked out to maintain his physical fitness. A "Send Slick" fund-raising campaigned has been underway since April 1999 and has raised $11,000 so far. Local businesses, individuals and visitors have been very supportive. Slick used these funds to purchase a special sprinting wheelchair, a tennis wheelchair, and a replacement for his regular wheelchair -the only one he has every owned!

Now as his training in preparation for the Paralympic 2000 games moves into into high gear, Slick's training program includes working out at Hayden Hughe's Dungeon Gym three times a week, and tennis practice with coach Eric Westcott at Cap Juluca on Wednesdays and Thursdays. On Saturdays and Sundays you may spot Slick doing road work in his special racing wheelchair between South Hill and West End, accompanied by his supportive wife Diana, or his brother Twidy. Since Anguilla has no proper track, all Slick's practicing to date has been on our open roads. You can get more information on Slick at his web site:

With the help of Judy Myers of the Australian Community Sports Development Program, Chris Nunn, head coach of the Australian Paralympic Athletics, has agreed to coach Slick. Formal application has been made for him to train with the Australian team in Australia in January 2000. The Anguilla Department of Sports is working closely with Slick to facilitate arrangements. Sponsorship is also needed to pay the costs of his competing in various international lead-up events.

What Slick really needs is 3 or 4 Corporate Sponsors. Anyone who is interested, or has ideas, questions, suggestions, can email to [email protected] and will receive a prompt reply. Or you can call Judith Sadler-Bryan at 1-264-497-5559 (cellular works better, 1-264-235-7685). Or just wire your donation to account 7552771 at the Caribbean Commercial Bank.

Web Sites About Anguilla

Translations: Anguilla News is also available in Italian and German. Click here to see what issues have been translated.

Excellent Limosines. Want to make your special event in Anguilla extra special? Rent a limo. Excellent Limousines has two, a regular luxury villa and an amazing new 30 ft long limo. Check their new web site at or just send a honeymoon reservation request to [email protected]

Elodias. Gerry Fontaine (email: [email protected]) writes

Hi Bob,
Its nice to see that a developer can do what he loves anywhere in the world. It is my dream to do the same as you have accomplished. But for now I'm here in Canada working for a ladies clothing manufacturing developing Desktop applications in Visual Basic. We visit Anguilla from time to time and have made some good friends there, one of which I have developed a web page for. I was hoping that you could point to Elodias Beach Resort web site:

INBA, an import/export business in Florida that can ship anywhere and specializes in auto parts and building supplies (just fill out the form on their site and then can get anything for you and ship it to Anguilla), has a web page ( created by Anguillian college student Indah Wallace (email: [email protected]).

Villa Tropicale on Harbour Ridge in Island Harbour now has a web page. The closest beaches are Shoal Bay and Island Harbour (and...there is a wooden sea side dock on premises to access the water for bathing and snorkeling right in front of the villa itself). This waterfront villa has a penthouse suite and a first floor 2bd/2ba suite for a total of three bedrooms / two bathrooms. Air conditioned. Bookings available for this high season.
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New Map. Vince Cate (email: [email protected]) has made a map for the area from the Virgin Islands down to Antigua, with the coordinates needed for tracking storms.

Carimar has given their web site a complete face list. Very nice:

Redeeming Love Outreach Ministry in Anguilla has a web page.

Windjammer to Anguilla:   Click Here.

The Light, a weekly Anguillian newspaper, has a web site (current issue link) with local news and announcements. Here are links to some recent issues:

Issue 311
Issue 316

The island's other weekly, The Anguillian does not have a web site yet, but you can subscribe to the printed copy. Click here.

Anguilla Trip Report: Click Here.

Anguilla Used As A Lesson Plan: Click Here.

Four Pictures taken on Anguilla: Click Here.

More Villa Pages:   Indigo Villa, plus Villa Eros, and Three Dolphins.

Stories from the previous and earlier issues.
Smile of the Week Student Art Stamp
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Smokey's at the Cove Memories of Anguilla

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Our villa on Shoal Bay: Bellamare.

And ten minutes away, our villa in St Barths.

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