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Send Anguilla's Own "Slick" Carty To the Olympics

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Euclid "Slick" Carty is a 38 year old Anguillian with a special dream. He wants to represent Anguilla at the Paralympic Games in Sydney, Australia in the year 2000.

Wheelchair-bound since an automobile accident twelve years ago, Slick has never considered himself a cripple. He's married, works full time in the vehicle inspection department at Public Works, manages a tee-shirt shop in South Hill and keeps up his physical fitness with regular workouts. His fund raising campaign is well underway to raising the US$20,000 needed to ensure his participation.

To date the campaign has raised US$10,885 thanks to the generosity of friends, local businesses and caring tourist. The campaign kicked off in April this year with a US$1,000 donation from Cable & Wireless who challenged other companies to support Slick's efforts. The management and owners o f Cap Juluca(US$3,500) and Covecastles (US$1,900 received with more pledge to come) have also been major benefactors. Most recently two of Anguilla service clubs- Soroptomist International of Anguilla and the Rotary Club- have given generous donations of US$500 and US$1,500 respectively. The Government of Anguilla is providing maximum support for his efforts through the Sports Officer and has promised to make money available in 1999. A number of island businesses are holding fund-raisers with proceeds going to the "Send Slick" fund.

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Exac USA, a Swedish wheelchair company operating in the United States, donated a new lightweight state-of-the-art wheelchair to Slick in August. And this month Slick finally took delivery of his Tennis wheelchair and his Racing chair. He plans to enter the 200 and 800 metre races and the tennis competition. Anguilla currently has no Olympic Committee and while Government is making efforts to see if Slick can compete under the island's name he has been registered as a participant under the auspices of the Paralympic Caribbean Foundation. So he is definitely going to Sydney!! Arrangements are now being made for him to receive coaching and to participate in regional meets in 1999 and early 2000. American Eagle has pledged their support by making tickets available for Slick, his wife and special personnel (like coaches & trainers) at extremly low costs.

The campaign continues. There is a pressing need for a sponsor for the special clothing needed for training and competition. Anyone out there with connections to a manufacturer of athletic clothing? Another US$10,000 needs to be raised by the end of 1999. If you would like to help send Slick Carty to the Paralympic Games you can send donations directly to him at P.O. Box 847, The Valley Anguilla; or directly to the fund established at Caribbean Commercial Bank, for Deposit to EUCLID CARTY ACCT. #7552771, P.O.Box 23, The Valley, Anguilla, B.W.I.

Fund-raising Tee-shirts are also available at Medeariman Reef Restaurant on Shoal Bay beach, the Tee-shirt shop on the South Hill road (just east of the Methodist Church) or from Slick at Public Works in the Valley for only US$20 each.

And Slick has a web site,, provided by Leroy Hill and Bob Green.

Story courtesy of What We Do in Anguilla

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