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The Roti Hut

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[Click to see full size picture] The Roti Hut is great place to pick up a fast lunch, either to eat under the shade of their awning, or "Take Away" (some people can even eat a roti while they are driving--not recommended). Roti is an East Indian food that was brought to the Caribbean by contract workers. It consists of a grilled dough wrapper, sort of like a tortilla but thicker, fluffier, and not as dry, around some curried potatoes and vegetables, meat, or fish.

The Roti Hut is located in George Hill, just west of The Old House restaurant, in a parked food wagon that has sprouted a sign, awning, chairs, and parking. The owner and cook is Heather James, who learned to make Roti while living in Trinidad. Heather will soon be moving across the street to a renovated quaint old wooden house.

Bigger and Better:
The Roti Hut has closed, but look across the street at Heather's new place, Mala's Cottage.

Prices at the Roti Hut are very reasonable: EC $10 for Vegi Roti (US$3.75), EC$12 for Boneless Chicken Roti. They sometimes also have Goat Roti, Fish Roti and even Conch Roti when in season. Fish Roti is made with a firm local fish like Old Wife (Trigger Fish), seasoned, then steamed, flaked, and curried. Served in the Roti shell with curried potatoes. Reservations not required.  Revised: January 25, 1998

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