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Anguilla isn't very big (only 16 miles by 3 miles at the widest spot), but it has a lot of places of interest, few road names, and few signs. Anguilla is the most northerly of the Leeward Islands, about 35 square miles, located at 18N, 63W, 150 miles east of Puerto Rico. Our friend Bill from Vancouver has been studying Anguilla intently because he is considering retiring here, but hasn't had time for a visit yet. He feels the need for a map to keep all the Anguilla place names in order. So here are a number of the maps of Anguilla from around the Internet, ranked and rated!

If you know another map, send the web page to be added to this list.

How To Create Your Own Dynamic Map

If you are creating a web page and you would like a map with a pointer to a specific location on Anguilla, here is how you can do it easily using the Anguilla "dynamic map" server. Insert the following html code into your page:
<a href="">Click
for Map</a>
Click on the link to try it!

The three items in bold should be customized:

To get the coordinates, you need a copy of the map. Click here. To Save the anguilla.gif map file on your hard disk, click on the File menu and select "Save As File" and put it in your temp folder.

Open the anguilla.gif map file in Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photo Shop of Microsoft Photo Editor. Supposed you want a map with a pointer to South Hill:

<a href="">Click
for Map</a>

The Anguilla Dynamic Map Server is courtesy of Offshore Information Services and the Anguilla Local News.

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Update: Nori Evoy has a great collection of maps of Anguilla. Be sure to see her page about map apps for Kindle and iPad.

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