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Start of the Easter Monday Boat Race - 1997

[Boat race: click for full-size image]
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Anguilla's National Sport is racing traditional, open wooden sailboats. The races call for a unique skill, and the winners become Anguillian celebrities. The races are usually on holidays and draw an enthusiastic crowd, sometimes even following the race in car caravans. To win you must grab a flag from a buoy. The Race is Over (pic)
Read the new book, Nuttin' Bafflin' about Anguilla Boat Racing.

The next major race is on Anguilla Day, May 30th, completely around the island. It starts at Sandy Ground at 9:30am, heading north to Scrub Island, and ends at Sandy Ground at about 3pm. Ask around to join a chase boat. Among the 14 boats entered are Bluebird, DTree, DeChan, Light n'Peace. Carnival Races in August will be held on the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 10th.

Read about the 1998 Easter Race.

 Revised: April 14, 1998

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