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[Click to enlarge The Place] Actually this is the most incredible 'bar' I have ever seen or imagined. More like being in someone's home! Gary took me here one night when I expressed the desire to go to a 'local' bar, not a tourist place. But it really is open to anyone.

It's up on the West End road, just before Leduc's, heading West. ...

Don't go expecting to sit at a cozy little table, sipping drinks with your sweetie. DO go if you want to lounge on a couch, falling frequently to the floor with tears in your eyes from laughing at everything Marilyn says. She was a nurse back in New Jersey and her stories will make you howl! People pop in and out, the drinks are CHEAP, and if you don't know what you want, let her make something up for you. You are immediate family as you walk in the door, and a perfect place for anyone slightly shy. Also a perfect place for anyone wackily extroverted!
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This is the kind of place you can tell your friends back home about, 'that tiny, undiscovered local bar' that is NEVER in the guidebooks. Marilyn and her husband "the other Captain Hughes" used to operate 'under the trees' behind their home, but after Luis, decided to put a building around the bar.

Guest article by Laine Parnell

 Revised: June 09, 1998

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