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Sandy Point Beach

[Click to enlarge beach at Sandy Point] [Click to enlarge beach at Sandy Point]
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[Click to enlarge Sandy Point] When using the Blowing Point ferry to St. Martin, you may have wondered about that small beach which curves westward out to a sandy point. Naturally, it is called Sandy Point Beach, and it is the only beach in Anguilla with such an extended point (the point at Shoal Bay is not as distinct). It also has a reef and good snorkelling. And a great view of St. Martin.

Recent development has brought Dolphin Discovery to Sandy Point Beach which takes up a considerable amount of the beach and there are a few more houses that edge the beach, including Villa Alegria, Shutters on the Beach and Beach Escape Villa. Apart from these, the beach remains the same as it did a decade ago.

Between the dolphinarium and the ferry point is a long stretch of sand and surf that makes for a great swimming and picnic area. And if you don't mind the extra walk, the area just right of the dolpinarium is the actual "point" of Sandy Point beach and offers great shade for picnics and great view of St. Martin, as seen in these pictures.
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Sandy Point beach has a small, resort on it, the Ferryboat Inn. The inn has a friendly restaurant and is family-run by Christian and Marjorie McLean (who is also a trustee of the Wallblake House Restoration Trust). One and two bedroom apartments and a two bedroom beach house, with reasonable rates of $230-$375/night ($140-$275 outside the peak season). 264-497-6613.

Patsy's Seaside Villas is also right on the beach. Owned and operated by local Marjorie O Connor, this duplex offers two-bedroom apartments only 10 steps from the water. You can see it in the picture to the right. The only thing missing is fancy landscaping, but the location is ideal and the price is right (under $200/night in winter). Call any night at 264-497-6297.
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The Pavillion Hotel and a number of villas in the "Cul De Sac" area are also within walking distance of Sandy Point Beach.

Directions: Driving toward the ferry terminal, turn right at the last opportunity, go past entrance to Ferryboat Inn and turn left on dirt road that runs down close to the beach. The last picture here shows the view from the point looking back to the ferry terminal.

 Revised: October 9, 2013

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