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That's Not Mike on Mike's Boat!

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[Click to enlarge view of Hilton and boat] The name on the side is Mike's Glassbottom Boat, but the Captain is Hilton Fleming, Mike's father. He is usually found at Shoal Bay, taking visitors for views of the reefs and the fish that live in the reef. Hilton is friendly and knowledgeable, and is also a fisherman. He takes out individuals or groups and children are welcome. Pickups are from Shoal Bay, Island Harbour or other desired spots.

Rates per person in US$ are $15 for sightseeing and underwater viewing, $25 for a trip to Scrub Island or Little Bay, $30 for fishing, and $50 for a trip to Sandy Island or Prickly Pear. Expect to pay more for extended times. From 8AM to 4PM, telephone 264-497-5641 or 5058, or 264-497-4360 or 4155 at other times.

 Revised: December 31, 1997

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