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Little Harbour

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Little Harbour is on the south coast of Anguilla, facing St. Martin, between Blowing Point and Corito Bay. Try not to confuse Little Harbour with Little Bay. Little Bay is located near Crocus Bay and the Valley, but it feels very secluded and is a favorite spot for boat excursions and snorkeling. Little Harbour is on the south coast, east of Blowing Point. It is more developed, surrounded by luxury villas and the old Cinnamon Reef resort.

The second photo above was taken in 1998. The first one was taken in 2013. You can see the area hasn't developed too much between those years. [Click to enlarge eastern shore of Little Harbour]

Little Harbour is the most protected bay in Anguilla, but very shallow. We sailed our Laser sailboat here when we didn't know what we were doing and needed to practice tipping it over and righting it. The bottom is more like a lake bottom than the bright white sand of most bays. Rich Hauser, former owner of Cinnamon Reef, describes it this way

Yes, you can swim in Little Harbour 12 months of the year. The other beaches are more spectacular, but I enjoy it here for the privacy - with no day trippers, no yelling, and no plastic cups thrown around. And for the safety - no waves, no undertow, no pulling currents and with the reef we have, if you are new at sailing or windsufing, you don't have to worry about drifting off to Yugoslavia - you're staying right here !!!!
Little Harbour used to be a favorite with smugglers in the old days, according to the book Nuttin Bafflin:

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At Little Harbour, which is almost reef bound with only narrow and ill defined channels of entry, the smugglers set up cleverly placed small fires in John Guy's cave. These fires, which were visible at sea but invisible from land and therefore from the revenue officers, marked the channel through the reef. They were placed in such a way that a smuggler at sea would tack up or down the coast until the fires ashore lined up one behind the other. When this happened, it meant that the channel was dead ahead and he could safely enter.

[Click to enlarge  Little Harbour beach]

Today, Little Harbour is as quiet and calm as ever. In fact, it is a little spooky even. A lot of what you see in the two photos in the middle of this page has deteriorated as Cinnamon Reef Hotel closed years ago.

The bay is nice for calm swimming and in the north east corner you will find a small path of mangroves home to plenty of marine life. It's a fun area to explore.

Directions: If you are coming from The Valley, head to the lights that go to Jeremiah Gumbs Highway. Follow that road past the turn off to Forest Bay, and past the turn off to Karla's at De Reef and Coral Reef Bookstore. Where the highway bends (well before Kamique Villas), you will see a small clearing. Go down that road and take the left fork all the way to the end.

 Revised: September 20, 2013

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