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There is a new beachfront gourmet restaurant in the West End. Restaurant Ici is relaxed and elegant for lunch and dinner. Reservations suggested during the high season. Telephone: 264-497-6999. Below is the full dinner menu as of November 1997.

Restaurant Ici November 1997 Dinner Menu
Primary Dishes
Fruitwood smoked Atlantic salmon with dill-scented galettes, Sour cream & shaved red onion 13.00
Great Anguillian lobster cakes, heart of palm & Italian Parsley salad, Sofrito mayonnaise 12.00
Curry & lemongrass chicken satay with Asian greens & Tomato marmalade10.00
Coconut battered shrimp with preserved Maui pineapples In a tangy sweet & sour sauce12.00
Spiny lobster & guinea corn chowder with smoked Applewood bacon spears 10.00
Pumpkin & peanut bisque with fried scallion gallettes & thick cream 8.00
Carpaccio of vine-ripened red & yellow tomatoes, Parmesan crostini, rosemary vinegar13.00
Select baby greens & oven-dried tomatoes with roasted Almonds in a mango-basalmic vinaigrette10.00
Pastas (available as appetizers or main courses- Full Order price shown)
Pumpkin & Parmesan raviolis in a vegetable consommé With fresh herbs 16.00
Pennette al denté with oven-roasted tomatoes, fresh basil, Extra-virgin olive oil & freshly diced buffalo Mozzarella18.00
Gratine of homemade tomato gnocchi, sage sabayon & Crisp Parmesan tuiles 16.00
Secondary Dishes
Filet of Anguillian snapper braised with fruity Chardonnay On a bed of slow-roasted orange sweet Potatoes, Caribbean Vegetables & sprays of fresh lemon 20.00
Yellowtail snapper in a crushed herb crust, shredded potato Risotto, snap peas & carrot-lime vinaigrette 22.00
Anguillian rock grouper with piquant French mustard, Leek & oven-roasted tomato tian & root vegetables 22.00
Canadian Chinook salmon filet cured in West Indian Marinade With lentil rice, Creole vinaigrette & Caribbean plantains 24.00
Grilled Anguillian lobster or crayfish served with lemon Butter, Firecracker sauce & Dijon mayonnaise 35.00
Grilled French-cut breast of chicken with thyme-scented Country potatoes, vegetable tagliatelle in a Roast chicken jus 22.00
Slow-roasted beef tenderloin with roasted garlic Potato Pillows in a Merlot reduction 24.00
Tender rack of lamb with mixed baby vegetables In it’s own juice 24.00

Prices are in US dollars and a 15% service charge is added.

For more restaurants, consult our "menus" web page.

 Revised: November 30, 1997

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