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Every day brings new email messages about Anguilla. Here is an interesting email message for April, 1998:

Date: Sat, 04 Apr 1998 18:40:04 -0500
Subject: Beautiful Island and Friendly People

We have enjoyed really enjoyed your news letter, and used it to prepare for our visit 2 weeks ago. We have been looking at various islands for a place to rent for the winter. Anguilla was the last on our list and everyone on the other islands told us you won't like it, really nice beaches but too flat. We arrived expecting to visit the beach and go home. Well, the flight in from St. Kitts changed all of that!! We liked the geography of the island as we circled it in our small Carib airline plane. It is great to be so close to St. Martin and the other islands.

Clearly the other islands must be jealous. Anguilla does indeed have many beautiful beaches, but is also isn't flat and has many nice vistas on both sides of the island. It also has some of the best hotels and restaurants of the islands we have visited. But lastly and most important, it has some of the most friendly and helpful people we have met anywhere.

We decided to visit at the last minute and our travel agent booked us in the lovely Malliouhana Hotel. It and Cap Juluca (Pimms is a must for lunch or dinner by the water) are definitely first class establishments. We also made the mandatory trip to Shoal Bay Beach and Scilly Cay for lunch. Every where we went people went out of their way to talk to us, give directions, explain aspects of the island.

At this point we were hooked! We spent the rest of our visit looking for rental villas, land and homes for sale. Once again thanks to your web site we found a property which we really like and hope to complete the purchase as soon as possible.

Just to illustrate the helpful nature of the people, I want to recall an incident that happened just as we were scheduled to depart. I forgot and locked my glasses in the car and entered the airport with wearing my prescription sun glasses. Only at the airline counter did I realize my problem! I was heading to Europe on a business trip without my glasses. What happened at the airport was nothing short of amazing.

The LIAT staff called Island Rental Car, Malliouhana Hotel and several other to provide emergency assistance. Together with a constable and some baggage handlers they verified that there was no way to get into the car without a key or a lock smith. The hotel dispatched a manager with her cell phone in full operation. Island Rental rushed off to the far end of the island for the backup key and arrived in nothing short of record time. I travel 5 months a year and I have never had such sincere concern and assistance from such a diverse group of people. Thanks to all involved!!

You can expect us each winter!

Dave and Margaret Thomas, Ottawa, Canada

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 Revised: April 15, 1998

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