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Solar Eclipse

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On February 26, 1998 the path of a total solar eclipse will pass very close to Anguilla. Our sunlight will be reduced to 95% of normal, while nearby Montserrat will have a total 100% blackout. In Anguilla, first contact will be at 1:05 PM and maximum eclipse will be at 2:30PM.

For more information and pictures:

Dr. Louis Bardfield of the Anguilla Vision Center reminds us that there is a very real danger to the eyesight during a total solar eclipse. Sunglasses are no protection. Looking directly at the eclipse can cause temporary or even permenent loss of sight and the person doesn't even feel any pain. There are special "Solar Safe" filters available which allow you to view the eclipse, but they must not be combined with binoculars or other optical devices.
Read about the actual eclipse event in Anguilla.

It is okay to take pictures of the eclipse, as long as you don't look directly at it yourself. Follow the link above for technical suggestions on getting a good photograph.

 Revised: June 08, 1998

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