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Fantastic Sunsets

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Bayberry and Chinaberry are a pair of vacation villas between Rendezvous Bay and Sandy Point.
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Jim Jordon, a long-time Caribbean hand, had this to say on the Internet about these villas:

The double villa is located just a few minutes from Blowing Point in an area that is known as Cul de Sac. Actually built as two separate buildings joined by a common courtyard, Bayberry is the main house and Chinaberry is the adjoining guest house. The two houses provide two sides for the courtyard, while a beautiful Spanish wall stretches across the front and a raised parapet walkway, connecting the two structures across the back, completes the enclosed area. Gayle [the owner] has done a masterful job of decorating both houses, as well as overseeing the gardenscaping of the tiled courtyard and all of the landscaping of the yards outside the walls. ... The walk looks out on Rendezvous Bay to the west and the sunsets viewed from this vantage point are as magnificent as any I've ever seen anywhere.

 Revised: February 01, 1998

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