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The Coffee Lovers Guide to Anguilla

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Coffee in the Caribbean? Why would you want to drink a hot drink in a hot climate? For one, you're addicted, just admit it. Secondly, because the steamy brew on your insides will make your outsides feel cooler as the ocean breezes swirl around you. And if Anguilla is your Paradise of choice, then you're in luck because there are many delightful coffee spots that you can sample here.

The first stop on the tour is Ranny & Joe's Anguilla Ice-cream Parlour located in the Old Cotton Gin complex in The Valley. The name, however, gives no indication of the delicious cappuccinos that await you inside. Unlike many overpriced cafés in the US, a cappuccino can be had at this Anguillian café for less than US$2. They also make excellent iced cappuccinos and have a quaint patio in front where you can observe Anguillian life at your own pace.

To get your caffeine fix before or after swimming and sunbathing, head to Madeariman Reef Restaurant at the main entrance to Shoal Bay Beach, opposite Uncle Ernie's. Watch the pelicans and seagulls dive for their lunch while you relax after yours, drinking your comforting java. This is an excellent place to associate the coffee drink of your choice with reggae, friendly faces and the constant crashing of the ocean waves instead of the ringing telephones, cranky co-workers and the fluorescent lighting of an office.

Anther secret coffee retreat is Coconuts restaurant at La Sirena Hotel. This casual bistro serves up coffee, cappuccino, or espresso in a pool-side setting. The proprietor and staff of Coconuts are very friendly and sincere in making your time there as soothing and satisfying as the coffee you are drinking.

If you're the type who drinks a cup before you go to bed, you want to stay up all night, or you like mixing caffeine and alcohol, The Pump House in Sandy Ground opens at 7pm. They have an espresso machine, feature live music many nights of the week, and are a favorite night spot for tourists, expatriates and locals.

If you are serious about your coffee and only make your own, or if, like me, you don't like to set foot outside in the morning before you've had a cup or two, you can purchase a large variety of home brew at Vista Market near the Sandy Ground roundabout. There you can buy whole-bean coffee from other islands such as Jamaica and Haiti. Or you can stick with low maintenance, pre-ground brands like LaVazza or Santo Domingo that are quicker to prepare and just as tasty.

Guest article by Jo Hastings

 Revised: June 09, 1998

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