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[Click to enlarge view of Slick Carty] "Slick" Carty of Anguilla needs your support and donations in order to attend the Paralympics in Sydney Australia in the Year 2000. Slick plans to compete in track and field and, if he can get sufficient coaching, in tennis too (but only the top 16 in the world get to compete in tennis).

Slick's real name is Euclid, and his job is inspecting vehicles at Public Works. He has been confined to a wheel chair for the past 11 years due to a motor accident.

Slick needs $20,000 for special sports wheelchairs, which cost $5,000 each, coaching, plane tickets, etc. Any excess funds will go into a foundation for Anguillian sports, so don't hold back!

Cable and Wireless kicked things off with a $1000 US donation and Cap Juluca topped that with a special donation of $3500 (see picture). Persons wishing to make donations, get more information, or help in any way, contact Slick at 264-497-6809, or 497-2652, or just wire your donation to account 7552771 at the Caribbean Commercial Bank.

Slick is Half-Way There!
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Slick's Web Page!

In the USA you may call Chris Zizza at 254R Hillside Avenue, Unit #1, Needham, Mass 02194, 781-433-0369, email [email protected] Chris and his wife Heidi got involved while visiting Anguilla last month. When they heard about Slick, they called him from Madeariman Reef restaurant on Shoal Bay and immediately offered a $500 donation. Then Pressure King donated all his umbrella rentals from the last week in January 1999 (that is a busy week).

The Paralympics is an elite athletic competition. A simple way you can help out is to buy a Slick T-shirt for $20. They are available at Madeariman Reef restaurant, Public Works in The Valley, or Slick's family business, C&C Fashions on the main road in South Hill.

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