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Roger Fenn comes to Anguilla every year and part of his enjoyment is listening to the local radio stations!
New Radio and TV Stations!
Well not actually new, but reborn. Check out 105.7 FM and live TV on channels 3 and 9 (not on cable) for the broadcast offerings from West Indies International Network, whose studio and antennas were destroyed in 1995 by Hurricane Luis. in Anguilla

In 1998, he sent us an updated visitor's guide to radio on Anguilla (for his most recent report, click here).

Radio Anguilla, at 1505 AM & 95.5 FM, is a "must" waking companion between 7 and 8 a.m., with complete local, regional, and world news, sports etc. Weather is usually about 7:40.

PJD-2, St. Maarten at 1300 AM has a really good newscast from 6:45 AM to about 7:30, including a look at the local newspaper editorials. The weather on this one tends to err, since it is from the bureau in Curacao. Its sister station, PJD-3 at 102.7 FM has a similar newscast earlier and later to fit busy schedules. Fairly reliable sources for regional weather are GEM radio, St. Maarten at 107.9 FM at the top of most hours, weekdays. ZBVI, Tortola at 780 AM has WX on most half hours, WVWI, St Thomas at 1000 AM has CBS radio news followed by WX on most hours.We also found the following stations informative for regional news and weather : ZIZ Nevis at 550 AM, ABS Antigua at 620 AM, VON Nevis at 895 AM. Stations we heard from Montserrat last year are no longer there.....

For entertainment, try any of the following FM stations. The other stations licensed to Anguilla: ZJF 105.5, which usually rebroadcasts JAMS-FM from St. Maarten, or "Heartbeat 107.5 FM", which plays hot Caribbean Music, but seems be on a "casual" schedule. My personal favorites for beach listening with a book were the following FM's: Marigot 88.9, Marigot 91.2, The Oasis (Philipsburg) 96.3, Radio St. Barth (Marigot) 100.7, JAMS-FM (Philipsburg) 101.5, PJD-3 (Philipsburg) 102.7, RFO (Marigot) 106.1 GEM Radio (Philipsburg) 107.9, which is part of the GEM radio network. For more about GEM, check their website:

By the way, Caribbean Beacon is still on at 1610 AM but I never heard it at 690, where it had been in the past. I wonder why it dropped 690.

We look forward to returning within the year. If anyone has info on a nice one bedroom apartment or small villa on the East End, let us know. To discuss any of this further, e-mail me at

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