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Here's an update on the Anguilla radio dial from visitor Roger Fenn (you can also read his report from 1999).

"For those of us who are away and need our virtual trip to Anguilla any time, some of the stations there are now audio streaming! Get the great music and learn up to date Anguilla news today! Radio Anguilla, HeartBeat Radio, and Kool FM all are streaming with Windows Media."

"Several stations on St. Maartin, St. Barths are streaming too. For a list of sreams from Dutch St Maartin go to"

"A short reference table is here, with stations arranged in order of distance from Anguilla. The listing is limited to reasonably strong, signals reaching Anguilla and nearby waters. Webcasters are indicated in the 'Freq.' column with &web. Most links are to websites, though some are directly to streams, which require Windows Media or Winamp mp3 software in your computer. The Anguillian stations have a decidedly Caribbean flavor. Since change is inevitable, some of the information on this and those sites may be outdated."

Roger Q. Fenn,, January 2004

Some previous notes from Roger:

"Some delightful anomalies are found on Anguilla. A few include driving on the left (British) side of the road in cars which for the most part are imported with left side steering wheels. Speed limits are posted in miles per hour though speedometers in some vehicles on the island show only kilometers per hour. Likewise, there�s a melange of radio (and TV) protocols which don�t match, since adjacent St. Martin stations broadcast under the guidelines of both France and The Netherlands, and Anguilla is tuned up to British standards."

"Some AM auto radios are tuned to U.S. type standards, which step frequencies in 10 kilohertz increments, while others are set for international 9 kilohertz increments. The latter is fine if you want to hear the stations from E.C. islands which were once part of the British empire, but when you try tuning in some others from the U.S.V.I. or distant night time signals, forget it. On the FM band, most stations are tunable in the odd megahertz available on most car radios, but some of the stations in Marigot fall on even decimal numbers, making them untunable. Be prepared. If you want the most variety, bring a good digital tuning international radio such as the Grundig Yacht Boy. When all else fails, you can tune in the BBC or Voice of America."

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