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[Click to enlarge Hibernia Restaurant] Perhaps the most creative place to eat in Anguilla is Hibernia Restaurant in Island Harbour. This gourmet eatery specializing in French-Indochinese dishes is located in a charming old renovated West Indian home. Hibernia is run by husband and wife team, Mary Pat O'Hanlon (hostess) and Rauol Rodriguez (chef), who spend their summer break in Thailand finding new recipes, artwork, and china for the restaurant. Make a reservation - it can be busy in February. Telephone: 264-497-4290.

Read the Current Menu
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More than half the items on the menu are new from last year, but old favorites such as the lobster souffle remain.

Below is their 1997 menu in US dollars.

Hibernia's November 1997 Menu
Soups and Starters
Soupe de tomates et melons glacee au mustcat.
Chilled tomato and melon soup perfumed with muscat.
Soupe de potiran a la citronelle et au bacon.
Pumpkin and lemongrass soup with crispy bacon.
Soupe de poisson et sa garniture.
Caribbean fish soup served with its accompaniments.
Assortment d'hors-d'ouvre de Provence.
A selection of various hors-d'ouvres from Provence.
Souffle thailandais de langouste et sa salada de nouilles croquentes aux champignons chinois.
Spicy lobster Thai souffle and a crisply noodle salad with chinese mushrooms.
Encornets farcis au poulet, Fumet de Langouste au poivre de la jamaique.
Calamares with a chicken filling, served warm with a lobster and jamaican pepper sauce.
Lambi marine et legumes cragvants en salade sur faud de tarte aux fines herbes.
Marinated conch and crispy vegetables served cold on a fine pastry base and seasoned with herbs de Provence.
Assiette de poissons fumes pars nos soins.
A selection of smoked Caribbean fish served with a ginger and horseradish cream cheese. A house speciality.
Salade variee au pamplemousse et amandes aromatisee au pastis.
Salad with mixed lettuce, grapefruit and grilled almonds, dressed with a pastis vinegrette.
Main Courses
Blanc de poulet grille au miel et a la lavande.
Chicken breast grilled with a honey sauce infused with lavender aromas.
Vivaneua farci a la provencale.
Filleted snapper stuffed with grilled sliced vegetables, with garlic and provencale herbs.
Queues de crayfish "Hong Kong Style".
Shelled crayfish cooked with lime, garlic, soya, scallions and sesame oil, served with cantonese rice.
Langouste poelee et sa creme de celeri a la badiane.
Lobster medalions pan grilled with a cream of celery and star anise sauce.
Tom Yam Pla.
A variety of filleted Caribbean fish, cooked and served in a spicy Thai broth, accompanied by wild rice.
Casserole thailandaise de crayfish au basilic et au lait de nois de coco.
Basil and coconut milk Thai casserole with shelled crayfish and steam rice noodles. Spicy.
Magret de canard aux pommes et au gingembre confit sauce au vinaigre de cidre.
Grilled duck breast with apples and roasted ginger served with a cider vinegar sauce.
Filet de boeuf au poivre rase et au genievre.
Grilled beef tenderloin with pink peppercorns and juniper berries sauce, served with gratin potatoes.

They also have delicious deserts. Service charge of 10% is added, but you might want to add more.
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Directions: In our lesson on driving in Anguilla, we quote from the the Hibernia brochure which is is 3/4 dedicated to a map and directions for getting from your hotel in the West to them in the East (travel time is 30 minutes). You actually would have a hard time getting from the West End to Hibernia in Island Harbour without these directions.

Take the main road east [my additions are in italics], then:

  1. Pass 'Connors Car Rental' on your left at South Hill Village traffic light.
  2. Pass Cable TV office on your right at George Hill traffic light. [Be sure to go straight at the Sandy Ground roundabout or you will go down the hill to the beach.]
  3. At roundabout [near the airport] go first left and enter 'The Valley'.
  4. Pass the Post Office and Cable and Wireless on your right.
  5. At cross road light drive straight through onto Queen Elizabeth Avenue.
  6. Stop at T-junction past the primary school in 'Stoney Ground' Village and go left.
  7. Pass through 'Little Dix' Village.
  8. At 'V' go right for Island Harbour [go left for Shoal Bay Beach East].
  9. At T-junction go left (see Hibernia sign).
  10. Pass 'Shell' gas station on your left in 'Island Harbour' Village.
  11. Go up hill and take first left (see Hibernia sign).
They don't mention that on the way back in the dark, you will miss the right turn in Stoney Ground, because you don't have to stop. Next thing you know you will be at the light by Albert Lake's Market (and Albert's Wholesale, Albert's Dry Goods, Albert's Gas Station, etc.). Go straight, turn right at the airport, go straight through the roundabout and continue on the main road back to your hotel.
Hibernia restaurant was written up in Passport newsletter:
Sometimes "what's great" gets lost in the flurry of "what's new". A recent visit to Hibernia reminded us that this small, out-of-the-way restaurant continues, year after year, to be one of the Caribbean's finest. The ideas that French chef/owner Raoul Rodriguez garners during off-season trips to the Far East show up as such stellar dishes as spicy lobster souffle with a crispy noodle salad.

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