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Every day brings new email messages about Anguilla. Here is an interesting message that came in recently:

Date: 1/6/99 4:25:00 PM
Subject: Comments from recent trip

Happy new year and keep up the good work. Reading your newsletters is like a minivisit to Anguilla. Today we awoke to 16 degrees in Washington and the high is 32. Now we know why you relocated to Anguilla.

Maybe this only happens at the holiday season, but on several flights some passengers' luggage was left behind, to come on the next flight, which can be quite inconvenient if you are on the night flight and have no luggage until 3:30 the next afternoon. Please suggest to readers that they pack a bathing suit and change of clothing in their hand luggage. When we went to pick up our luggage at 10:30 p.m., a family of 5 was crestfallen that they had NO LUGGAGE and they were all wearing longsleeved shirts, long pants, and pullovers. In previous years American has offered "denied boarding" (ticket vouchers good for one year) if you'd take the night flight when they were overweight, but this year they aren't doing that. Instead they just aren't taking all the luggage. [editor: The problem is that Anguilla's runway is too short and not level enough, and doesn't have re-fueling facilities. This means that American Eagle can't carry a full load of people and luggage into Anguilla. We have had our luggage left behind in San Juan several times. I like your idea of a carryon backup - in fact you probably only need what is in the carryon anyway!}

Please give a plug to Mala's Caribbean Cottage and Roti Hut in George Hill, open from 10:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. Her prices range from $4 US for a vegetarian Roti to $6 for a goat and vegetable or chicken curry and vegetable to $10 for shrimp and vegetable. She also had a conch and vegetable. They were light and delicious. THe cottage is quite cute and service was excellent. Excellent value for the price. [editor: We have an article about Mala's Cottage on our web site. Click here.]

Although we didn't visit it, we heard from another family with boys that the Landing Strip Restaurant (Chinese) next door (in a little mall) had large portions and good prices. [editor: we have the menu on our web site. Click here.]

Finally, as a librarian, I ask that you pass along this tip about the Library. For an $8 US deposit, they will allow you to check out unlimited titles. They have a wide selection of paperbacks and some hardbacks that make good "beach reading." Hours are 9:15 to 5 most weekdays (I think they close earlier on Wed.). Please suggest to people that they make their $8 deposit a contribution to the library when they return their last set of books. [editor: Good Tip for all our avid vacation readers.]

Your faithful reader - Susanne Thevenet AKA

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