Anguilla News: May 1996

News reports from on the island, as they were posted to the Net:

[Captains Bay]

Hidden Anguilla: Captains Bay

Anguilla has many famous beaches such as Shoal Bay, Meads Bay and Little Bay. But there are also many wonderful unknown beaches, where you could be the only person in view. One such beach is Captains Bay on the north coast just before the eastern tip of the island. This small stretch of perfect white sand is bounded on the left by a rocky shoreline where Atlantic waves break spectacularly. I have heard that the snorkelling is good to either side, but be careful swimming here: the surf can be dangerous at times. And never swim alone at a remote beach.

Directions to find it: go through Island Harbour and continue on the paved road. At the top of the hill you turn left at the sign for Palm Grove onto a reasonable gravel road . If you turn left in all cases, you will reach Captains Bay in 2.4 km (1.5 miles). Avoid tempting right turns at .5 km, .8 km, 1.9 km and 2.2 km.

New Fantasy Villa At Malliouhana

Malliouhana is building the ultimate villa along their shoreline. Downstairs is a luxury suite with private pool that you step into from your spectacular living room. This suite is the size of a house, with a giant master bedroom and a marble-lined bath room bigger than most bedrooms, plus another bedroom and bath for the kids and nanny, or use the whole suite for a business conference. Upstairs are two luxurious one-bedroom suites, again with giant marble bathrooms, plus private garden jacuzzis overlooking the ocean (somehow without overlooking the villa and pool below--it seems to be done by clever wide flowerbeds at the edge of the balconies). People are already fighting to be the first occupants when the villa is completed, even at a rumored $1400 per night. If you need four bedrooms for you party, take all three villas and live it up.

New Library Grand Opening

The new public library across from the high school was officially opened yesterday with a grand ceremony, including speeches, steel bands, choirs, and poems. Followed by Official Photographs, Tours of the Complex, and Refreshments. Invitations specified semi-formal, which means shirt and tie for men and as fancy as you like for ladies. On Saturday May 4th from noon to 5, the Public LIbrary and the Soroptomist Club will present the Grand Opening of the Children's Saturday Morning Program. Activites will include horseback riding, games galore, Barney, a variety of foods, talent show, jump house, balloon shooting and face painting. On Friday May 10th there is a College Fair at the library for high school students interested in pursuing a college education.

Drop by and take a look. The bustle of activity is impressive and there is a courtyard garden in the center with plants for sale.

Anguillian Language Lesson #2

More tips on speaking Anguillian: North Americans usually think of Scamp as indicating mischevious and playful, while Wicked indicates serious evil. In Anguillian, the terms are exactly reversed in meaning. One of the worst things you can call someone is "a scamp" -- that means they are totally untrustworthy. However, you respond to a mischevious naughty comment by saying "You Wicked", which means they are slightly outrageous and funny. From the Dictionary of the Anguillian Language: Disgustin/Disgusting. Does not mean that the person or circumstance fills one with disgust. The term is used loosely to denote annoyance or irritation or to describe a mischevious or troublesome person.

Next lesson.

More Web Sites

Here is a strange link that may not be around for long. The Robin Rice Gallery at the NYStyle web site is offering a fine art photograph of palm trees shot through a ripped screen. Limited edition series of 50. Title: "Anguilla BVI" [sic] '88.

Cable and Wireless has a web page for their Caribbean Phonecards with some nice pictures of Anguilla.

Tom Peacock from Ontario Canada formed the first trust company in Anguilla last year: Emerald Trust.

Want to take your honeymoon in Anguilla, or even get married here? See the CARIBMOON - Anguilla page.

"Travel Destinations" has a page on Anguilla.

Beaches in Anguilla are officially "safe" from danger of exploding munitions, according to the UN LandMine Report on Anguilla. But they also report that Anguilla is not a signatory to the treaty on export of anti-personnel weapons.

The "Where to Stay" hotel-information site has pictures of Malliouhana, of Cap Juluca, of Frangipani, and of Cinnamon Reef.

The Objective Observer Archive has been updated with new columns, including one about the cost of living in Anguilla.

Hilde Decides to Rent Villa Dina

Hilde Kron of New York has finally decided to accept a few rentals at her exquisitely furnished small villa on the waterfront just west of the Fountain Beach Hotel (Shoal Bay). Hilde calls her pink home with the bright bougainvilleas and oleanders Villa Dina after her mother. And she has a web page for Villa Dina and an email address.

Weather News

Our local cable company (Island Cable TV) now shows the local Anguillian weather on channel 9.

Anguilla Weather Today at 10:30 AM: Mostly Clear, 28 C (82 F) Wind ENE 28 KPH Humidity 66% Dewpoint 21 C (69 F).

Vancouver Today: Cloudy, Pop: 10%, Low: 6, High 12. 60% chance of rain Sunday, with thunderstorms.

Chicago Today: variable cloudiness with a 30 percent chance of showers. highs ranging from the middle 50s inland to the upper 40s along the lake. northeast winds 10 to 15 mph.

Win a Bright Red Suzuki Jeep

Rotary is having their famous annual raffle in May this year, since everyone was too distracted by Luis at the regular time last December. For $100 US you get a chance to win a brand new Red Suzuki Jeep, or a Color TV or a Portable CD player. And the chances are very good, since there are only a limited number of tickets sold. The proceeds will go to build Rotary's 4th Children's Playground, this time at West End. The drawing will be on May 30th, so you will have to hurry. If you can't find a Rotarian to buy a ticket from, call club president Claudel Romney at 497-5500 or 497-6847 (home).

Great New Eating Bargain at the Airport

There is a new restaurant at Wallblake airport, The Last Flight. It has double table clothes and nice decor and good food. So far the prices are incredible: $4 US for a chicken salad. And it is the only place in Anguilla that has that "big city" bustle" sound of airplanes, fans, cars and people. But go early for lunch, they are often full.

News from the US Virgin Islands

Alex Randall at radio station WSTA in the USVI (1340 AM) has started a news site on the Web, with frequent reports of what's happening there. Alex is interested in linking to any other Caribbean news sites on the net, so send him any leads you can.

New Library Is Great

Anguilla's new library is open and it is wonderful. Full of books, children, computers, distance learning center, video center, and more.

New Web Pages

Cinammon Reef has their own web site now with pictures, prices, and the Palm Court restaurant:

Anthony Papili has a new web site for two rental villas on Anguilla, including Pelicans Villa which is one of the few here that is directly on a sand beach:

There is a new Anguilla tourism web site with what looks like a complete list of our hotels on one page, including prices and features. The URL is There is also a detailed page for La Sirena hotel ( and Allamanda Beach Club (

Artists in Anguilla: Michele Lavalette

Petite French woman Michelle Lavalette has lived in Anguilla for 12 years and never wants to go through another hurricane! The only good side-effect of Luis is that the big trees that surrounded her quaint old Anguillian home and studio were swept away. So she now has a view of St. Martin and even Sandy Ground and it will be much easier for you to find her remote art studio on North Hill. She has original oils and prints as well, including some beautiful flowers. Coming from The Valley, turn right at the road just before the Sandy Ground roundabout, pass the paint store and wander through the North Hill village, trying to keep going straight, until you pass the basketball court. You will see her Art Studio on the right. 809-497-5668.

Anguillian Divers in New Location

There is a new dive shop in Island Harbour just off the main road as you enter the village, across from the church. They have a dive master in residence and are available to take you out to view our incredible undersea life.

Anguillian Language Lesson #3

Anguillian manners. From the Dictionary of the Anguillian Language: Back. - Pertaining to sexual prowess and virility. E.g. 'Sea moss/fish soup/coconut water good for man back'.

Arietos Deli in Island Harbour

Arietos Deli has opened at the Arawak Resort in Island Harbour (behind the primary school, right on the beach). Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast menu includes Egg platter, Pancake and Fried Potatoes, Lunch is Sub sandwiches or salads of Turkey, Tuna, Chicken or Egg Salad, and hot entries include Fried Chicken and Veggie Burgers. 809-497-4888.

Water Testing Operation

We have Judy Dudley on island, a UN volunteer, setting up a water testing facility in the old Cottage Hospital with Whittington Hodge, Environment Officer with government. Using funds from the Caribbean Conservation Association they have acquired equipment to test water for bacteria, chemicals, and other dangers. This is important on Anguilla because we depend on cisterns which can get dirty.

Cable & Wireless Donates Mobile Dental Unit

Hurricane Luis destroyed our mobile dental unit, but C&W has replaced it with a new one as part of their contribution to disaster recovery. This new van has everything a mobile dentist needs in order to visit the six primary schools, examining 1200 children: chair, x-ray, and all the latest gadgets.

Pineapple Beach Club

The Pineapple Beach Club has changed their name to the Anguilla Great House Beach Resort. They have plans to establish a "yacht club" and watersports facility with an annual summer regatta, to add a ground transport facility for guests, and to produce a monthly newsletter. They can be reached by phone at 800-583-9247 or 809-497-6061 and by email at [email protected] Check their web page for the details:


There is a new roundabout between Ashley's Grocery Store and the Landsdown Bowl arena. Watch out for it.

The British Government has donated two Mitsubishi Pajero Jeeps to the Anguilla Police Force.

Valley Primary won the Spelling Bee this year. The winning students were Kenecia Richardson and Kimberly Rogers.

The Anguilla Beautification Club planted 200 coconut palms on our beaches.

Twenty recently graduated teachers from Ontario Canada were in Anguilla for a week to experience teaching in the schools here.

Two Holidays: Whit Monday and Anguilla Day

We had two holidays in Anguilla this week: Whit Monday (on Monday) and Anguilla Day on Thursday.

Anguilla Day was celebrated with a parade, parties, sporting events and a sailboat race around the island. This is the day that that the Anguillans expelled the St. Kitts policemen from the island and took the irrevocable step that eventually led to separation. The winner of the sailboat race this year was De Chan. The Natalie has won the race in recent years, but was not competing this year, due to being destroyed in Hurricane Luis.

The Chief Minister presented the Anguilla Badge of Honour to four veterans of the revolution: Albert Gumbs, Sherman Haskins, Raymond Haskins and James Rogers.

Architect David Kenworthy won the Red Suzuki in the Rotary raffle.

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