Cheddie's Carving Studio

The Cove, Anguilla


Driftwood, stone and coral come alive in the form of dolphins, eels, hummingbirds and an array of different wildlife in the hands of Cheddie Richardson.

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Cheddie sculpts the island's natural materials, (primarily driftwood) into vivid, detailed works of art. He collects his material from the beaches and cays to use as a base to sculpt. After what could be days, weeks or sometimes months of viewing the natural shape of the piece, he envisions what animal will emerge. Sometimes the idea hits him in the middle of his sleep.

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Cheddie started out as a boy at nine, crafting boats out of matchsticks. He was influenced in part by his father Arthur Richardson who made furniture and his relatives "The Carving Brothers" who did wooden sculptures. He never knew that his childhood passion of creating pieces would lead into a career and attract accolades from all circles including art connoisseurs and the international press. Cheddie has not had formal training in his art… it is his natural talent coupled with his experimental mindset that has brought him thus far.

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One of his greatest honours occurred when one of his sleek dolphins carved in driftwood mounted on polished limestone was presented to Queen Elizabeth on behalf of the Government and people of Anguilla during her first visit to the island.

After twenty four years in the art form, Cheddie continues to find innovative ways of expressing his creativity and he is always experimenting with new ideas. He is currently exploring the world of abstract art as he further develops his talent. He uses various stains to highlight the natural beauty of some of his works. He also commissions limited editions of bronze reproductions of select pieces for avid collectors. Cheddie is happy to create custom-designed pieces for his clients. He recently completed an intricate six-foot carving of two dolphins for a private home.

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Cheddie's career goal goes way beyond showcasing his own talents. His studio has recently expanded to include a gallery which displays paintings of various artists on the island. He wants to help attract exposure for local upcoming artists… from students to the more seasoned artists. From time to time the gallery organizes special showings.

Cheddie's art form is unusual and refreshing. His pieces capture the essence of Anguilla's natural world and make the perfect memento of the island. His studio is definitely worth a visit!

Location: on the main road in the West End, near the Shell Station where you turn for Sonesta and Cove Bay.

Opening hours: 10am - 6pm, Monday - Saturday

For more information please contact Cheddie at

Telephone: 264-497-6027
Fax: 264-497-6496

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