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Windward Point Is Wild, Remote and Beautiful

The beach on Scrub Island North side of Scrub Island South side of Scrub Island

Windward Point Beach Looking West, St Martin in distance Looking west toward Island Harbour and Shoal Bay The North Coast of Anguilla   Site Map   Click to enlarge pictures

Curious about reaching the actual end of the island? On the very tip of the eastern end of Anguilla is a beach with fierce, rumbling Atlantic Ocean waves.

This is Windward Point.

At the far eastern tip of Anguilla, Windward Point's small hill has panoramic views in all directions.
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To the east you see deserted Scrub Island with its leeward side beach and rolling countryside. To the west you see Windward Point Beach, St. Barts and St. Martin in the distance, then the north coast of Anguilla. In the two composite pictures above, you can click on any spot to see an enlarged view of that spot. It is an easy climb to the top of this hill. Work your way around to the north side and approach among the fields of Pope's Head cactus (the ripe pink fruit that grow on the cacti are good to eat!).

Nearby Windward Point Beach is wild and exciting, being open to the Atlantic. While a little rough for swimming, it is great for exploring. [Click to enlarge view of hill]

To reach the hill, go east out of Island Harbour on the paved road, turn left at sign for Palm Grove onto a reasonable gravel road . Avoid tempting right turns at .5 km, .8 km, 1.9 km and avoid the left turn to Captains Bay at 2.2 km. The main road forks left just before the gate to the sand mining pit and dead ends on the other end of Windward Point Beach. Most of the road is easy going, but this last section is a little rough and should be taken slowly, or just pull off and walk the remaining short distance. You can easily walk to the small hill at the end of the island, from the top if which you get a great view back along the length of Anguilla. Wear runners or reasonable walking shoes.

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