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[Click to enlarge] Manager Lincoln Gumbs and Chief Pilot Carl Thomas have started an ambitious new venture in Anguilla. They have a fleet of 2 Norman Britten Islanders, perfect for zipping back and forth to St Maarten and landing at tricky St Barths airport, plus a luxury Beachcraft Super Air 200 for executive charters (396MPH and it is pressurized and air conditioned) and a 19-passenger Twin Otter for business charters.

The Islander pictured here was a South African plane, and flown to Canada for refitting. The pilot replaced all the seats with extra gas tanks and reportedly made a solo 21 hour flight from Mozambique to Canada, without stopping along the way.

And their prices are reasonable: starting at $30 for Anguilla to St Martin, and $450 for an all-day charter to St. Barths. There is much more information on their web page:

Telephone: 1-264-497-8690. Fax: 1-264-497-8689. Email:

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