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[Click to enlarge] The annual tennis camp for children that is put on by the Anguilla Tennis Academy went regional this year.

In addition to the normal 3 week clinic in Anguilla with 9 overseas coaches and 170 children, founder Mitch Lake ( invited young players from the USA (Colorado, Tennessee, New Jersey, and Kentucky) to attend as part of a cultural exchange.

The US players stayed in Anguillian homes and learned in the clinic with the Anguillian players. They even had a party together at the beach.
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Then Mitch invited skilled young players from Puerto Rico, Saint Martin and St Kitts to attend the clinic.

And finally, Mitch organized a one-day clinic in Saint Martin for 50 children, and donated 50 racquets to the program in Saint Martin.

For more details, consult their web site at
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