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St. Barth is a great contrast to Anguilla. [Click to enlarge]

Both islands have great dining and tropical weather. Anguilla is flat, St Barth is hilly. Anguilla is quiet and simple. St Barth is hectic and cosmopolitan. Anguilla has the better beaches and St Barth has the better shopping!

How to describe St Barth? Think of an upscale French St. Martin: high energy, clean, mountainous, sophisticated, charming houses with red roofs, yachts, expensive, more developed and noisy than Anguilla. To get a better idea, look at the and visitor photos on

It is quite possible to take a day trip to St Barth from Anguilla, or even combine the two islands into a single vacation. St. Barth is an interesting visit ... for exploring the island a rental car is a must. All the companies have booths at the airport. Drive cautiously, as roads are narrow, hills are steep, and traffic can be fast:

"All I know is that the drivers are insane. Renting a car? Drink plenty of coffee and be very alert! I thought I'd be OK since people drive somewhat aggressively in California, and I've been accused of same, but it was Grand Prix time. Do come back alive!" Mark
St Barth has many beaches, but they are not the reason to go, as they are not up to the standard of Anguilla beaches. Instead, enjoy the dining, nightlife, shopping, and the European village atmosphere. St. Barth has excellent fishing charters as well, including flyfishing for Tarpon and Snook, plus Marlin fishing.
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St. Barth has a wide range of dining choices (even Thai and Vietnamese). Prices are about the same as Anguilla at high-end restaurants. For an upscale beachfront lunch, a traditional choice is Eden Rock. The waiters and the menu are very sophisticated and there is water misting to keep you cool!

One of our readers suggests Le Toiny, where we have also had great meals:

"Lunch at Le Toiny is a must. If overnighting - must stay here...worth the price; you get what you pay for. Very private, each room with pool. Very together place with an exceptional staff. David Henderson, the resort General Manager, makes you feel as if you are his personal guest in his home!" Gary
Le Toiny is often paired with Cap Juluca in people's minds as an ultimate vacation duo. This luxury resort covers an entire hill-side above the sea in a quiet part of the island.

For great food, friendly service, and low prices, we recommend Andy's Hideway in St Jean. This is a casual place with French cuisine, in a shopping area, with a very fun atmosphere. Lots of locals have lunch here.
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Gustavia, the capital, has fun nightlife during the tourist season and on weekends, with several places within easy stroll of the inner harbour for live music and dancing.

Gustavia is quite quaint and charmingly French…just perfect for a browse. The dining is excellent (just up the hill are Carl Gustaf hotel and La Mandala).

Gustavia is built around a beautiful harbor that is packed with yachts of all sizes during the season (up to 300 ft long!). The seaside is lined with shops, restaurants and bars.
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Getting from Anguilla to St. Barth
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The easiest way to get to St. Barth is via Anguilla Air Services, a 12-minute flight from Anguilla. As a bonus, the flight provides a very exciting landing: you head into the saddle between two hills and then immediately drop to the runway. Don't worry. If your flight should overrun the airport, your plane will come to rest in the sands of St. Jean beach:

"No trip to St Barth's is complete without going to the hill above the airport and watching the planes come in. They clear you by what seems to be only a few feet. It was always a favorite trip for us and our children." Lynn
If you are staying over, you should rebook your return flight 48 hours before departure.

Boat trips from Anguilla and from St. Maarten are also available. The trip is over an hour long each way and the sea conditions can be rough at times. The Voyager leaves from St. Martin Marigot dock and M.V. Deluxe leaves from Anguilla.

Staying Over
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Consider Azu Villa, which is close to the action and fun in St Jean village, but totally secluded and private. You can walk to the beach, to delicious restaurants, and lots of shopping. And the views are unbelieveable.

And Azu's infinity pool (pictured right) is heated.

To buy food, visit Rotisserie and the butcher shop just below Azu villa. Or visit Match supermarket across the street from the airport (you need a 1 Euro coin to rent a cart). Maya's To Go near the gas station is an excellent deli, as is La Rotisserie in St Jean.

Power is European 220V, not 110V. Visitors from US, EU or Canada need a passport. Others need a visa. For local calls, dial 0590 + 6 digits. To call St Barth from Anguilla or the USA, dial 011-590-590 + 6 digits.

Story by Bob Green and Janine Edwards.

 Revised: 2005/4/21

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