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Shipping to Anguilla is a bit of mystery, since you can use Fedex, DHL, the Regular Mail, Four Star Jet service out of Miami, American Airlines freight, Tropical Shipping, the Karma inter-island freighter from St Thomas, various freighters from the Pan-American docks in San Juan, and various other means. What we need is for everyone who knows something and some method of shipping to contribute what they know.

Reader Lee Ann Cox (email: ) starts the process by sending us some information on using ocean freight shipping to Anguilla:

Tropical shipping in Miami - 1-800-638-8767
Tropical shipping in Houston - 1-281-272-0185

If you don't have enough to fill an entire container, you can send Less Than Container Load (LTC). The basic rate from Miami is 4$ per cubic foot, (from San Juan, $2 per c.f and from St. Thomas, $2.75), but there is a minimum of $80 and other factors may modify the charge (weight, type of goods).

Schedule from Miami - Ship leaves Miami Friday and arrives Anguilla the following Wednesday. v Schedule from San Juan - Ship leaves Thursday and arrives Anguilla the following Wednesday.

Schedule from St. Martin - Ship leaves Tuesday and arrives Anguilla the next day (Wednesday).

Tropical shipping Website -

Now we still need to know what it costs to send an entire 20' or 40' container from Miami or San Juan?

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