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A Tour of Rendezvous Bay

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One the most spectacular beaches on Anguilla is Rendezvous Bay Beach. This long perfect crescent faces St. Martin and has plenty of room for its current resorts and restaurants, while still having long stretches of undeveloped beach.

Starting at the west end you have Bankie Banx's famous Dune Preserve beach bar. CNN says it's the #1 beach bar in the world! [Click to enlarge]

Bankie serves food, cool drinks and has live music weekly.

Continue down the beach and you have the luxurious CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa. The hotel is more American in style and has 3 on site restaurants and a little beach bar that serves some of the best mojitos and tasty skewers (good for a healthy lunch, the veggies are especially fresh since they come directly from the resort's hydroponic gardens).

The popular Garvey's Sunshine Shack is next on the list. This is one of those real Anguillian beach bars. Garvey plays tunes, makes BBQ (fish, ribs, etc.) and makes pretty mean cocktails! His bar is right on the sand and has nice views of St. Martin.

A little further down and you hit Anguilla Great House, a nice option if you're traveling on a budget and still want to sleep on the beach. The resort has a pool and has a restaurant, The Old Caribe.

The east side of the beach is my favorite. There, you have the old Rendezvous Bay Hotel (currently closed) and a new, laid back, quiet lunch spot, The Place. Run by the same people who run Smokey's, the food is good and "the place" has a nice vibe.

After all of the years, Rendezvous Bay still stands out as a #1 beach spot and a perfect beach to laze away a day.

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Going from east to west on the bay, the first resort we come to is the Rendezvous Bay Hotel, which has suites directly on the sand and also on the rocky shoreline adjacent to the beach (where there is also a restaurant, Cedar Grove. The picture above shows the beach, looking back east toward the hotel.

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Bart, the manager of the Rendezvous Bay Hotel, is a very helpful person. By calling ahead, we were able to arrange with Bart to use the hotel parking to start our exploration of the beach.

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The beach in front of Rendezvous Bay Hotel, looking east toward Cul De Sac point with St. Martin in the background:

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Looking forward toward the setting sun and the next resort: the Anguilla Great House:

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For public access to Rendezous Bay Beach, take the turn off from the main road for Anguilla Great House (between South Hill Plaza and CuisinArt) and follow this road straight to the water.

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Another hundred yards down the beach is the elegant CuisinArt Resort and Spa (with friendly bartender at the beach bar):

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And finally, we come to the Dune Preserve, a funky beach bar with food, drink, and entertainment:

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