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An Anguilla Puzzle

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How well do you know Anguilla?


Here is the puzzle:
Can you guess the name of the resort in this story, just from the clues and the pictures? (Scroll down to the bottom of this article for the answer.)


Clue #1: there are some panoramic ocean views from this resort!
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Clue #2: the resort has mature gardens providing both shade and color.

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Clue #3: you will find a swimming pool at this resort.

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Clue #4: there is a gourmet restaurant on-site serving delicious dinners.

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Clue #5: this resort occupies a long stretch of sand on one of Anguilla's great beaches.

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Clue #6: you will find a certified scuba diving shop on the property.

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Clue #7: over a decade ago, the owner planted a large number of coconut palms and they now provide a shady grove, with hammocks.

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Clue #8: as you stroll to the beach, you find a beach bar and restaurant under the palms.

Story and pictures by Bob Green

 Revised: 2003/12/7

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