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[Click to enlarge] The Enclave at Cinnamon Reef welcomed the students and teachers from the Island Harbour Primary School Friday evening 6/14-15 for a one night stay as guests of the hotel, part of Anguilla’s Annual Hello Tourism Program. The program for grade 6 students, designed by the Tourism Board, is an introduction to the Hospitality Industry, promoting an awareness of and an appreciation for the industry.

Mrs. Shorna Fleming, Office Manager of The Enclave kicked off this year’s program for the resort by attending Island Harbour Primary School to discuss with the students the ways that tourism stimulates our economy and the importance of all our people welcoming tourists to our island with a smile.

The students, together with Teacher Donna and Teacher Lester, were treated as tourists from the moment they checked in. By participating, the students got first hand experience and knowledge of what the island resorts have to offer. Great emphasis was made during Mrs. Fleming’s discussion at the school on the importance of all being courteous to one another thus, developing a natural asset geared to welcoming and interacting with tourists on our island. She also, made note of the importance of being knowledgeable of our island, so that when visitors approach us, we can be helpful in getting them around.

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The entire class and teachers had unlimited use of all hotel facilities and water sports equipment. The bay awakened Saturday morning to the giggling sounds of excitement. Teachers along with students could be seen paddling in circles in the paddleboat, while others paddle themselves against the almost motionless waves in kayaks then took to the pool and Jacuzzi. As typical tourists, their morning swim was followed by breakfast in the full service restaurant Hemmingway. There again, their excitement filled the air. One after the next, they were served in a setting of giggles and chatter, the conversation centered not only on what to eat, but the fun of spending the night as typical tourists. After breakfast, they trailed to the tennis courts in an effort of release stored energy and excitement. Many played tennis while others simply enjoyed watching the friendly matches.

By the hotel’s involvement in the program Mrs. Fleming noted, it not only gave the students an appreciation for the industry but also an appreciation for the hotel employees, would work hard to provide the quality service each tourist expects. Many of these students know someone in their community who works in a hotel or restaurant, and it is important for them to realize that the tourist profession is both demanding and rewarding.

At the end of their stay, the students presented The Enclave with a sculpture that is now proudly displayed at the resort. Now, the students will return to class and as part of the program will prepare an essay on their entire experience. The opportunity to overnight at a luxurious resort being, one aspect of the program.

Story and pictures by D. Sheehan.

 Revised: 2002/6/20

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