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Anguilla's eastern end now has its own Chinese restaurant. The Gold Dragon Restaurant has a wide selection of Chinese dishes - we have tried Chicken Fried Rice, Chinese Soup, Sweet and Sour Shrimp, Mix Fried Rice, and and Shrimp Hot Pepper. They were good.

To find them, take the road out of The Valley through The Quarter and Sandy Hill. As you enter East End village you will see them on the right. If you get to the Cable and Wireless out-station you went too far.

You can eat in, but the ambience is somewhat lacking. Call 264.497.4381 to pre-order your meal for pickup.

Chicken Soup6.702.50 Shrimp Fried Rice17.426.50
Beef Soup6.702.50 Seafood Chop Suey25.469.50
Chinese Soup8.043.00 Shrimp Broccoli26.8010.00
Wanton Soup6.702.50 Shrimp Mushroom26.8010.00
CHICKENEC$US$ Shrimp Cutlet18.096.75
Chicken Chop Suey18.096.75 Shrimp Omelet21.448.00
Chicken Mushroom16.086.00 Shrimp Sate13.405.00
Chicken Broccoli14.745.50 Sweet & Sour Shrimp26.8010.00
Chicken Cutlet12.064.50 Stewed Shrimp25.469.50
Chicken Omelet14.745.50 Curry Shrimp26.8010.00
Curry Chicken14.745.50 Seafood Fried Rice18.767.00
Chicken Chicharon12.064.50 Shrimp Chow Mein26.8010.00
Roast Chicken18.096.75 Conch Cutlet20.107.50
Spanish Chicken14.745.50 Fish Cutlet16.086.00
Stewed Chicken14.745.50 Stewed Conch20.107.50
Sweet & Sour Chicken14.745.50 Curry Conch20.107.50
Chicken Fried Rice11.394.25 Curry Fish20.107.50
One Half Chicken11.394.25 Stewed Fish20.107.50
Chicken Chow Mein18.096.75 Lobster Fried Rice22.118.25
BEEFEC$US$ Lobster Chop Suey52.9319.75
Beef Chop Suey18.096.75 Curry Lobster52.9319.75
Beef Cutlet12.064.50 PORKEC$US$
Beef Omelet14.745.50 Roast Pork Chop Suey18.096.75
Beef Steak13.405.00 Curry Pork14.745.50
Beef Mushroom16.086.00 Roast Pork Mushroom16.086.00
Beef Broccoli14.745.50 Roast Pork18.096.75
Stewed Beef13.405.00 Pork Cutlet12.064.50
Pepper Steak13.405.00 Pork Chop11.394.25
Beef Fried Rice11.394.25 Spanish Pork Chop14.075.25
Beef Chow Mein18.096.75 Sweet & Sour Pork14.745.50
Curry Beef14.745.50 Roast Pork Chow Mein18.096.75
SPECIALEC$US$ Roast Pork Fried Rice11.394.25
Nassi Goreng11.394.25 Mix Fried Rice16.086.00
Nassi Goreng Special26.8010.00 Mix Chow Mein20.107.50
Bami Goreng13.405.00 Roast Pork Broccoli14.745.50
Bami Goreng Special26.8010.00 Mix Chop Suey20.107.50
Mixed Vegetable Salad9.383.50 SPECIALEC$US$
Shrimp Salad26.8010.00 Shrimp Cashew Nuts32.1612.00
Chicken Salad13.405.00 Chicken Cashew Nuts20.107.50
Conch Salad20.107.50 Shrimp Hot Pepper26.8010.00

Chicken Hot Pepper17.426.50

Chicken Leg8.043.00

Chicken Sate6.702.50

 Revised: 2001/4/27

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