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The waters around Anguilla teem with fascinating and colorful tropical fish. For many years The Dive Shop in Sandy Ground helped divers view that tropical sea life. Recently they shut down the shop, but the underwater photo album remains.

Click the Queen Angel fish above or click this link to visit a portfolio of 28 incredible underwater sealife photos, with thumbnails you can click for full-size photos.

Each picture tells exactly where around Anguilla it was taken by a long-time Anguilla diver, Hugh Lynch.

Caribbean Travel and Life magazine used Anguilla's Shoal Bay as their lead beach in an August 1997 article "10 Terrific Snorkel Beaches" by Greg Johnston:

The beaches of Anguilla have long been renowned for their idyllic settings. On the island's northeast corner is Shoal Bay East, an incredible expanse of powdery white sand banked by electric-blue water.

The reef is shallow, 10 to 15 feet, with ranks of lacy sea fans, colored sea whips and a variety of hard corals. It parallels the length of the beach, offering snorkelers of all skill levels easy access to rich, unspoiled sea life. The whole cast of Caribbean tropicals is here: schools of bluestriped grunts, goatfish, yellowtail snappers, fairy basslets and rock beauties weave in and out amoung the low-growing reef corals.

Dive Shop 15th Anniv. Read all about it.

And Errol "Junior" James of George Hill, Anguilla, has put together a Tropical Fish Web Page, based on the fish stamps of Anguilla.

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