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Saturday, April 20, 2002

Blue Ocean Villas.

A new web site of villas for rent in Anguilla.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Sunrise Villa Web site.

Click the link for new pictures of Sunrise Villa in Seafeathers.

Real Estate

Physical Planning Bill - An Overview

David Lockwood ( sent the following press release from the Department of Physical Planning:

This article is one of a series about planning and the new law that was Gazetted in October 2001 for Anguilla. This article gives a quick summary of what planning does, where planning laws come from in Anguilla, and why a new law is proposed.

What is planning

Planning in simple terms is about finding a balance. It is a balance between development and safeguarding amenity and our valuable environment. It is not about stopping or delaying development. It is about improving developments making them better for the owners and users and the island as a whole. Planning aims to secure the most efficient and effective use of land in the public interest.

From the Past to the present

Planning and building laws in Anguilla have been since 1945 and since our Constitution was framed and adopted. The current system of planning is based on laws dating from 1966 and agreed in 1990 and building is based on laws dating from 1974. As with much of life things change, laws do not always keep pace with these changes. Planning is no exception. The Government of Anguilla now wishes to ensure that our laws on planning and building are as up to date and relevant as possible.

Need for new Law

For a number of years there has been a clear recognition by the Government of Anguilla, developers and many members of the public that we need to have new laws to assist in this ‘balance’. New law to ensure that:

development of our island is orderly and progressive
our amenities are improved and preserved
the construction and investment process is assisted.
Help at a time of need
At the same time we need to provide:
Increased confidence in the development and planning process for Developers and other investors the public and other agencies;
An effective and open framework to achieve sustainable development in Anguilla.

Your Constitutional Rights

These new laws do not erode your Constitutional Rights they are part of the reason for them. They

Support development that could be beneficial for you and our country
Protect your property and land and the wider environment from development that could be damaging.

Planning and this new law are not a threat to your Constitutional Rights.

The Government of Anguilla want your views! Any views you have on the new Physical Planning can be given either in writing to Department of Physical Planning, The Valley or by telephone 497 5392 or at one of the public meetings being held in April and May.

Tourist Board Web Site Redone.

The Anguilla Tourist Board has completely redone their web site, adding new information and photos and ways that you can communicate with the tourist board.

Anguilla Forum:
Carib On-line

Anguilla Summer Festival 2002

The National Carnival Committee is pleased to announce that plans are now underway for the hosting of the 2002 Summer Festival celebrations, slated for August 1 – 10, 2002.

According to Mr Fitzroy Tomlinson, Festivals Coordinator with the ATB, the Committee is ready to take this year’s Festival to another level following its very productive Retreat held in March 2002. One of the first steps to be taken has been the selection of a slogan to cover the activities for the season.

The slogan Fun, Fantasy and Culture, Too, Anguilla’s Summer Festival 2002 was selected from a field of 62 entrants, and is a combined effort submitted by Khalidah Richardson of West End and Meesha Richardson of North Side. The slogan conveys the sentiment that this year’s festivities will offer fun in galore for our revellers, while at the same time highlighting our culture and traditions in creative and innovative ways that appeal to our imagination. The slogan will be featured on all promotional audiovisual and print material pertaining to this year’s festivities. Meesha and Khalidah will share the prize of EC $1000.00 for their winning entries.

Information provided by the ATB newsletter.

May 25: Miss Leeward Islands Teen Pageant.

The Talented Teen Committee is currently finalizing plans for the hosting of the 3rd annual Miss Leeward Islands Teen Pageant on May 25th, 2002. Some 8 contestants from St Thomas, St Croix, Antigua, BVI, St Kitts and Nevis, St Martin, St Maarten and Statia are expected to arrive in Anguilla on May 23rd, where they will join Ms Teen Anguilla, Rolanda Webster, and reigning Miss Leeward Islands, Amber Woodley of Anguilla at Elodias Resort, the home of the Pageant.

The young ladies will engage in a number of official functions leading up to the Show, including an official Welcome Cocktail reception sponsored by the Anguilla Lottery and a number of courtesy calls on Government officials, the Anguilla Tourist Board, and Sponsors of the event. According to Mr Carl Woodley, Chairperson of the Talented Teen Committee, the Show promises to be an electrifying one with sterling performances expected from the participants, and a dynamic line up of entertainers including the All-ah-We Young Theatre Players, performances from the reigning Ms Leeward Islands and Mr & Ms Valentine 2002, and an appearance by the contestants of the 2002 CCB Miss Talented Teen Show.

There will also be an after-show dance at Dragon’s Disco. MC for the evening’s proceedings will be Sugar Bowl Kid of ZIZ radio, while music for the event will be provided by the Extreme Band. The admission is US$10.00, (US$5.00 for children) with proceeds from the show going towards Anguilla’s participation in the Hal Jackson show to be held in July.

Information provided by the ATB Newsletter.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Build Your Own:

Sunset Homes Project: Phase 4 Report.

Sunset Homes has updated their web site with more pictures and information on their villa construction: details of building the swimming pool and the cistern.

Monday, April 15, 2002

Construction-Related Items for Sale.

Two (2) 20' shipping containers for sale. All duties paid. Very good condition. Weather=tight and sea-worthy. $1800 US@.

150' of 1 3/8" green chain link toprail. $1.00/ft.

75' of 4' vinyl coated chain link fencing...$85US

Paint: 5 gal pails of Glidden Gripper. $US 160@.

Mike Paul, 497-6120,

Internet Yellow Pages:
All known Anguilla sites.

Anguilla Bridge Club

Interested residents and visitors are invited to play bridge. Contact Carol Baines at 497-5722 or email for details.

Football Association Awards and Banquet Dinner

Under the distinguished patronage of The Honourbale Eric Reid, The Anguilla Football Association presents its 2nd Awards & Banquet Dinner for junior and senior football players on Saturday May 11, 2002 at 8pm. Dress: Elegantly Casual. Price US$20. Proceeds are in aid of Football Scholarship Fund.

Summer Carnival

The Anguilla Tourist Board and The National Carnival Committee congratulate Meesha Richardson of North Side and Khalida Richardson of West End, the winners of the 2002 Slogan Competition. “Fun, Fantasy, and Culture Too! Anguilla Summer Festival 2002.”

Thursday, April 11, 2002

All Island Cable TV. Anguilla's Cable company now has a web page, complete with TV program listings and on-line bill payment. Click the link above and see what channels we get.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002 web site by an Anguillian resident with general links on music, sports and more.

Thursday, April 04, 2002

Anguilla Questions?
Email the Tourist Board at or the Hotel Association at

Children's Tennis Camp Planned.

Mitch Lake and the Anguilla Tennis Academy are once again preparing for a month-long free tennis camp for children this summer. Camp should start on July 8 and run until July 27, with visiting coaches running clinics the last week. A new element this year will be visiting young players from Tennessee who will take the classes as well. An exchange of Anguillian tennis players to Tennessee is planned for the future. Also the Anguilla Tennis Academy will be spending time in St. Martin to help set up a similar program on that island, donating rackets and expertise to get it jump started.

Villa Mortons

This large villa on the Searocks between Shoal Bay and Island Harbour seems designed for those with a large party. It has 9 air-conditioned bedrooms and a swimming pool.

Wednesday, April 03, 2002
All the resorts/hotels/inns.

New web site:

Not associated with Anguilla Life magazine or to any other print publication.

Devonish Gallery, New Show.

Paintings by Paul Elliot, quilts by Carol Richardson. Opening Saturday April 6, 2002. 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Devonish Gallery, West End Road. 264.497.2949

Tuesday, April 02, 2002
Restaurants and menus.

New business:

Stanya Peacock has a new interior decor business in Anguilla: She manufactures cushions, pillows, slipcovers ... and much more for hotels, resorts, villas, and restaurants. Tel: 264.4975342. Email:

Monday, April 01, 2002

Beachshack Update.

Mary Ann's tropical construction page has been updated with a picture of the front door and some email feedback from readers.
Private villas for rent.


The annual Optimists Club traithalon will be held April 7th at Meads Bay. The three legs of the race include biking, running and swimming. Teams are encouraged to enter!

Friday, March 29, 2002

Sale of Glass Blowing Art. Glassisland at the Old Manse in Sandy Ground is closing their glass studio on Friday 5 April. They are having a sale of all their products and equipment starting on Tuesday 2nd April, after the Easter weekend, until Friday 5 April.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002
Over 30 Anguilla beaches.

Web site update: Long Pond Condos

The web site for the Long Pond Condos under construction on the coast between Sandy Hill Bay and Forest Bay has been updated with lots of pictures of the new interiors, furniture, etc.

Chef's Table at Altamer

Joyce and Steve Tibbetts ( of Boston, Massachusetts write:

My husband and I were recently in Anguilla for our 13th year and brought along our friends who were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. As a surprise we booked the Chef's Table experience at Altamer restaurant. The dinner was exquisite. Each course was served with a flourish that hardly did it justice....the presentation was a work of art, the offerings at each course more heavenly than the previous. Chef LeDuc and his staff were very gracious...made the whole evening very special and one we won't forget. I would highly recommend this special treat when visiting as a way to complete the perfect get-away.

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Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association Newsletter.

The latest issue of SCOOP, the newsletter of the AHTA, contains an article entitled "Proposed Villa Rental Fee Angers Alien Land Owners". Here is the text:

A new Government proposed Alien Land Holding Rental Policy has many alien land owners crying foul.

The villa owners are taking aim at Government for a set of draft measures that have been proposed to regulate the rental of villas and privates homes by aliens (non-belongers). The group is largely angered by a hefty increase in the annual fee that allows for the rental of private residences as villas. Under the proposed measures, the annual fee for the rental of alien owned private homes would increase from the current US$1200.00 to US$5000.00 for the first 2000 square feet and US$0.50 for each additional square foot. The villa owners are also taking issue with the provision that would require all villas to be registered with a local agent who would then be responsible to ensure all conditions of the license are met.

The Government proposed changes to the villa rental policy following a six month review of the villa rental sector. Government had reversed an earlier decision to discontinue all future alien land holders from renting their homes as villas after the decision met with harsh criticism , especially from the island's real estate agents and villa management representatives who felt that the ruling would destroy Anguilla's real estate market and the island's growing popularity as a luxury villa destination. A series of meetings were held with the various stakeholders on the issue including representatives from Lands and Surveys, villa management companies, realtors, the Anguilla Tourist Board, hoteliers ,villa owners and the AHTA. As it stands currently the Alien Land Holding policy allows for the rental of private residences, provided permission is granted by Government and an annual fee is paid. While over 50 properties have been granted permission since the inception of the policy in January 1996, Government reports that very few are actually paying the current US$1200.00 fee.

In revewing the policy, Government officials maintain that their position was taken with a view to maximizing revenue potential on Anguilla's land, a very limited and valuable commodity according to the officials and the enhancement of Anguilla as an exclusive, upscale tourism destination. "All decisions in this draft report were made with two things in mind" explained Mr. Orris Proctor, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Services. "We looked very carefully at the expatriation of Anguilla's land ,which must be closey monitored and controlled to protect and maximize a very limited resource, and we also considered the fact that tourism is Anguilla's number one industry and we must continue to develop Anguilla in keeping with its upscale image." he stated.

The AHTA has received several calls from alien land holders in recent weeks who currently rent out their homes on a very limited basis and feel that the US$5000.00 annual fee will be prohibitive to their business. While the AHTA supports greater controls and accountability of the villa sector, it questioned the 300 per cent increase in the annual rental fee in a recent meeting and suggested that a more reasonable sliding scale fee be considered. Government officials contend however that the fee is in line with what is assessed in the rest of the region and already represented a sliding scale that would see larger villas paying proportionately more. The Government has also proposed that an annual fee of US$1000.00 be assessed on all alien owned private homes that are used for personal reasons and not rented as villas.

Barring any further review, the proposed measures are to be submitted to the Executive Council for consideration and approval.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Art Show: Romare Bearden.

A world premier exhibition of water color paintings, Colors and Jazz, by Romare Bearden. Opens Saturday March 30, 2002 and runs until April 30, 2002 at Frangipani Resort on Meads Bay. Mon to Sat 11am to 6pm. Dorothe Rohan Dow, Art Director. 264.497.6442

Monday, March 25, 2002

Baby's Vacation Needs:

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