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Little Anguilla Makes Big Splash at E-commerce Conference. Anguilla has more web data per capita than any other country, but of course there are only about 8,000 citizens. Maybe that is why Anguilla had such a large attendance (second only to the USA) at last week's On-Line Offshore 98 Conference.
Pictured clockwise from upper-left are: Denise Romney of KPMG Anguilla, Griffin Webster of Silicon Isle, Peter Morgan and Alan Jones of the Companies Registry, and Vince Cate, who organized the Financial Cryptography conferences in Anguilla (lower-left).

Cayman and Bermuda have made E-commerce special national goals to supplement tourism and finance. But Anguilla proved to be on the leading edge this time. Anguilla may be a small, quiet, rural country with more goats than people but it isnít backward when it comes to high-tech. Not only did we have more attendees, Vince Cate of Offshore Information Services was the only person present at the conference who had actually done offshore e-commerce, completed a fiscal year and made a profit, although representatives from Guernsey, Bermuda, Cayman, and even Seycheles Islands in the Indian ocean, had big plans.

Vince also presented a paper on his software product he is creating as an infrastructure for secure accounts across the Internet. Sort of a "MS DOS for financial systems."

There were two other speakers from Anguilla who presented papers.

Alan Jones and Peter Morgan presented Anguilla's new on-line system for registering offshore corporations.

Who Knew?
We had no idea the speakers were so famous until we got home and looked them up. Such as Ian Goldberg of UC Berkeley who broke the encryption of GSM cellphones last month. Or Professor Lawrence Lessig of Harvard, appointed as technology master in the "DOJ vs Microsoft" case.

Griffin Webster from Island Harbour attended to learn about e-commerce and the Internet. Griffin is an electrical engineer and computer system specialist, formerly IT manager at Cable and Wireless,

The On-Line Offshore 98 conference was held in Grand Cayman -- an amazing place that has seen fantastic development. The mean family income is now $75,000 US. It is hard to believe that 30 years ago it looked like Anguilla does today. But... it now has traffic jams and not a goat in sight!

1999 Update:

Bermuda has announced a program to attract e-commerce sites to their fiber Internet link: e-suites.

Barbados is hosting a conference to promote IT business and e-commerce on the island: bisc-2000.

Ireland is positioning itself as an e-commerce hub.

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