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[Click to see full size picture] Maxine Herbert-Webster has opened a fun cafe in The Valley across the street from the post office. It has a covered verandah with outdoor seating that allows you to watch the business of Anguilla pass by as you sip a coffee. and serves breakfast, lunch and snacks, and sells baked goods. And they have knocked down the walls that made it so difficult to see when driving out of the Caribbean Commercial Center parking lot. We stopped in for a nice lunch and especially recommend the eggplant fries. 264-497-2844.

Billy's Menu - Prices in EC$ and US$

Lunch MenuAll prices in E.C.$ (US$ shown for a few items)
Hamburgers 6.50 US2.50 Cheese Burgers8.00 US3.00
Vege Burgers 8.50 US3.25 Ham & Cheese Burgers 8.00 US3.00
Big Billy (Double Burger served with the works) 13.00 US5.00 Burgers are served with potato or eggplant fries or home made potatoes
Chicken 15.00 Chef 18.00 Tuna 15.00 Lobster 26.00 Caesar 13.00
From the Grill
Tender Chicken Breast 16.50 Local Filet of Fish 18.50
Grill specials are served with Vegetables, Peas and Rice or Potatoes of your choice. Rafe's French Bread is available at additional cost of US $1
Breakfast Menu
Two eggs, scrambled, fried, boiled or sunny side up, cooked to your liking! Served with toast and Home-Made Potatoes. 10.50 US 4.00
Bacon is served with one egg.
Sausages. Served with toast and home made potatoes. 12.00 US4.50
French Toast served with fruit. 8.50 US3.25
Pancakes served with fruit. 8.50 US3.25
Coffee 2.00 Lipton 1.50 Herbal Tea 2.00
Bush Tea 1.50 Orange Juice 3.50 Local Mango Juice 5.00
Sandwiches. Served from 7am to 6pm on French Bread.
Grill cheese 7.50 Tuna 7.50 Fish (Fillet) 10.50
Ham & Cheese 7.50 Beef 8.00 Turkey 7.50
Billys' Club 8.00 All with fries or home-made potatoes.
Cakes by the Slice
Cheese cake 5.00 Lemon Cake 5.00 Strawberry Cheese Cake 6.00
Apple Pie 5.00 Chocolate Pie 4.25 Pound Cake 4.00
Black Cake 6.00 Lemon Tart 5.00 Orange Carrot Cake 4.50
Muffins 0.80 Dough Nuts 1.00
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