Straw Hat Restaurant

November 2003 Menu


Cold Cucumber Soup

yogurt, lemongrass and ginger   9.


Ceviche of Local Red Snapper

fresh lime juice, cilantro, Bermuda onions and tomatoes with

fried corn tortilla   13.


Anguillian Lobster and Crayfish Spring Rolls

with a spicy tropical fruit dipping sauce  16.


Local Goat Sausage Wonton

lemongrass and Caribbean flavors in a spicy sesame broth   12.


Forest Bay Conch and  Saltfish Soup

tomato, basil, spinach, capers, olives in a light broth   11.


Spinach Salad

cashews, dates, bacon, Bermuda onions and grated aged Gouda with a mango curry dressing   12.


Mixed Field Green Salad

greens grown in Sandy Ground and served

with a lemon vinaigrette    8.  

add Gorgonzola    10.




All prices are in $US.  A 15% Service charge will be added to all checks.



Red cabbage and

orange slaw   5.


Fried plantains with pepper ginger jam   6.


Roasted garlic mash

potatoes   5.


Hand cut fries   5.


Asian noodles   6.


Sweet potato salad   6.


Sautéed spinach   7.

Jerked Pork Tenderloin

seared with roasted garlic mash potatoes,

and pineapple salsa   28.


Grilled Angus New York Strip

with hand cut fries, portobello-onion ring in a

zesty local tamarind “Steak” sauce   34.


Baby Osso Bucco

veal shank braised in a rich piquante espagnole sauce

with Creole vegetables   36.


Grilled Island Harbour  Lobster

with pineapple salsa and herbed garlic butter    41.


Seared Duck Breast

demi-glace finished with Stone's Ginger Wine, mango,

fried plantains and sweet potato salad   31.


Pink Peppercorn Crusted Pan Fried Snapper

in a light Pernod and fennel broth sautéed julienne carrots and spring onions   28.


Caribbean Cashew Chicken Mole

with red cabbage and orange slaw, roasted garlic mash potatoes  25.


Grilled Loin of Tuna

with a compote of caramelized balsamic-citrus onions served medium rare  33.


Grilled Local Crayfish

ginger vinaigrette and tropical rice salad  38.


Cilantro, Lime and Pecan Pesto Pasta

Parmigiano-Reggiano  21., with choice of snapper  28.,

tuna  33., seitan  23., or grilled chicken  25.


Stir Fry of Seitan and Vegetables

red curry, ginger and coconut sauce, basmati rice   23.


There will be a $3 split charge for all shared main courses. We accept all major credit cards.