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In its heyday of the late 90’s, News.ai was literally “Anguilla on the Web.”  It was the go-to source for everything about Anguilla. The most charming part of News.ai, though, was its extensive coverage of “the little news.”

It covered everything from the announcement of a new summer camp to Steel drum West Indies night. “Big news” might be on the order of the re-opening of Palm Grove after Hurricane Lenny. No news was too small, as this example about an 18-year old making model boats shows.

In short, News.ai gave you everything about Anguilla, including the kitchen sink!  The news could be commercial or not. Club meetings, bodybuilding event or a local cricket match…

Bodybuilding 2001
Bodybuilding 2001

News.ai covered it all, all the small news that was fit to post…

  • Farmers’ offerings
  • Carnival
  • Music festivals
  • Anguilla slang
  • Recipes
  • El Gelaterooo (mobile Anguilla Ice Cream emporium)
  • Police Week Fashion Show
  • Fundraisers
  • The rope at Little Bay
  • New scuba shops
  • Art shows
  • Where bands are playing
  • If it was Anguillian, and if it was news, it made it into News.ai!

I can remember how my Dad anxiously awaited the latest edition of News.ai…

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