TS Ophelia Moving North

From our good buddy Steve Donahue over at www.anguilla-weather.com:

This morning it appears that the forecast track of Ophelia will take it well north (200 + miles) of Anguilla, and forecast also calls for the storm to weaken. But as with Maria, we need to watch the track for another day or so. Ophelia passed about 50 miles south of ocean buoy #41041 several hours ago with winds of 60 mph, gust to 78 mph – and with sea swells of 17 ft., wave heights of 26 feet. Tomorrow morning, she will pass 50 or so miles north of buoy #41043 which should tell us what – if any – weather/waves we could expect when it passes north of us (as most of the wind/wave/rain action is north of center – little activity south of center). Right now, I think all we should expect is some moderately rough seas from the ENE.

Tropical storm Ophelia Heads To Anguilla

Anguilla-Weather.com reports Tropical storm Ophelia will reach Anguilla Saturday night, Monday morning.

The forecasted winds of 40 mph or so will be to the north of center along with thunderstorms.

It is not expected to escalate into a hurricane.

Of course, with several days to go, the storm track and severity could deviate considerably.

Steve also says that we’ve had record rainfall in 3 of the past 4 months.

That must be why my Dad’s so worried about his cactus collection!

Tropical Storm Ophelia
Tropical Storm Ophelia (from StormPulse.com)

As Anguilla-Beaches.com points out on this page about Anguilla weather in August and September, things could be worse.

Bottom line… unless matters start intensifying, expect nothing more than some heavy rain and wind over the weekend.

I will update if matters do start to look worse.

Stay dry.

Tropical Storm Katia Update

From our local weather expert over at http://www.anguilla-weather.com/

TS Katia (probably hurricane Katia by Wed.) is currently tracking to the NW about 2,100miles to our ESE.  ALL forecast models call for Katia to pass well to our north on Sunday/Monday as a Cat 3 hurricane– currently about 300 miles north of AXA.  Also, current reports show that the strongest winds will be to the north of the center – with 50 kt. + winds extending only about 50 miles to the south from the center.  Sea swell forecast call for 10 – 12 ft. seas from the E and NE on Sunday – nothing extraordinary for AXA.  I should point out that Crown Weather (http://www.crownweather.com ) stated in their report this morning that “…I am still leaning towards a track that takes Katia very close to, if not right over the northeastern Caribbean on Sunday and Monday..”, but not sure where they are coming from on this.  No matter, with a possible Cat. 3 hurricane passing close to us, should keep a close eye on the track later in the week.

TS Path
TS Path