Surf’s Up this Thursday!

From our local weather expert Steve Donahue,

“A cold front currently passing through the Bahamas will pass north of us on Wed. bringing gale conditions to the mid-Atlantic and rough seas/wind here in Anguilla starting Wed. and peaking on Thursday.  By Wed. morning expect moderate to rough seas in the 10 – 12 ft. range, and  by Thursday morning, we should expect 12 – 15 ft. NE seas on the north coast with NE winds in the high 20 mph range, gusts in the mid-30’s.  We can also expect frequent showers.  Also of concern is the wave period (frequency) of 7-8 seconds – normal swells are in the range of 12-14 seconds. A small craft warning is expected by Tuesday.  The combination of NE waves breaking rapidly on the shore combined with strong, gusty winds will create dangerous surf conditions on the north shore with blowing sand and surf.  Bathers should stay out of the water.  Conditions will slowly improve only slightly through the weekend, and we will continue to have rough seas until Monday.”

You know what this means– surf’s up!

Have fun and be safe if you go out!!