New Year’s Eve at Sandy Ground, The Way To Start the New Year

More New Year’s Even Celebration News from Anguilla…

Never let it be said that Anguilla is a quiet place, at least not on New Year’s Eve. There is a fabulous party going on at just about every restaurant on the island, many complete with midnight fireworks.

From low-budget rock ‘n reggae for the young to high-end “black tie” (well, not really that formal), Anguilla has a party for all tastes, ages and budgets.

Pumphouse, of course, just wouldn’t be Pumphouse without hosting a tasty dinner and then what most assuredly will be a wild and crazy evening. The menu sounds outstanding, and reasonably priced, as you can see…

Pumphouse New Years Eve

And even if you choose to dine elsewhere, the young and young-at-heart can do what many do after their “starter event” has struck midnight. Head down to Sandy Ground and scream “hi” to Laurie and Deb, owners of Pumphouse.

Dance to the sounds of reggae masters, Versatile Vibes. One of Anguilla’s top DJ’s, DJ Sugar, will carry you the rest of the way, but you’ll have to carry yourself home!

$10 cover charge after 10PM includes free glass of champagne, party hats/favors/noisemakers (whee, yippee!). We’re not sure that Pumphouse ever needs noisemakers, let alone on the eve of the New Year, but what the hay! 😉

The other addition in our New Year’s coverage is also in Sandy Ground. Ripples, hosted by “grande dame” Jackie Ruan, offers an amazingly priced menu for what promises to be a delicious-value meal…

Ripples New Years Eve

And as the menu says, “then it’s time to party.” Sandy Ground does turn into one huge party, with Elvis chipping in a few thousand decibels and hundreds of fans overflowing into the street.

All in all, not a bad place to party until you drop. What better way is there to see the New Years in (if you can take the pace)?

What’s that, you say?

“A good movie at home after a delicious meal with friends and a round of Auld Lang Syne,” no matter where seeing it in happens? I have a feeling Janice and will be agreeing with you on that.

It’s usually home for us, soon after da’Vida’s fireworks for “Janice and Ken.” You’ll probably run into Yuki and Nori, though down on Sandy Ground. Do give us a ring if they cause any trouble. 😉

Where Will You Have Christmas Dinner In Anguilla?

Is there anything better than spending Christmas and New Year’s in Anguilla? Well, please know that it is not all sand, sun, surf and relaxation.

One of the biggest problems is where to have Christmas Dinner! The other, of course, is where to celebrate New Years. Would that all our problems were of this magnitude!

And so, it starts…

Jackie Ruan of Ripples has just released her Christmas menu. It sounds like an unforgettable experience at a reasonable price.

Ready? Loosen your belt before reading the rest of this. Jackie is serving a genuine “Traditional Xmas Dinner,” in her inimitable English style, at Ripples Restaurant, situated in Sandy Ground Village.

Starting at 6:30 PM on Christmas Day, the feast begins with Vegetable Wontons with honey wasabi on wild arugula and Rich tomato soup & garlic croutons

Off to a good start, you’ll be ready for the “star of the show”…

Roast turkey with apricot n apple stuffing, roast,mash potatoes,medley of fresh vegetables

OR (for the less traditional)

Salmon en croute with coconut rice, & veggies

And, of course, just when you thought that you couldn’t possibly take another bite…

Dessert is Christmas pudding flambéd with aged Rhum, and Mince pies & custard

Complete with Christmas Crackers, the price is only US$30 (plus 15% service charge).

Reserve soon. This one should fill up fast. Call 264-497-3380 or 274-497-3394.

Merry Christmas and happy eating!

P.S. Information on Ripples

Sandy Ground Halloween And Ripples

While Halloween is not a big deal in most of Anguilla, it is a tradition in Sandy Ground.

Saturday October 29th, the costumes and goodies start at Ripple’s at 6 PM.

All the restaurants are on board. The children go from restaurant to restaurant, in “trick or treat” search of the usual Halloween goodies.

Also at Ripples to eat…

Mini curry with a poppadom for $5 and sliders!

And early bird dinner specials…

Roast lamb with mint sauce,

Sesame coated wahoo with orange and ginger marmalade,

Mediterranean quiche with veggie trimmings,

Each for only $14!

Sounds like a fun party.  Go and see all the Sandy Ground costumes, get ready to be spooked, and enjoy your own goodies at Ripples!