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In its heyday of the late 90’s, News.ai was literally “Anguilla on the Web.”  It was the go-to source for everything about Anguilla. The most charming part of News.ai, though, was its extensive coverage of “the little news.”

It covered everything from the announcement of a new summer camp to Steel drum West Indies night. “Big news” might be on the order of the re-opening of Palm Grove after Hurricane Lenny. No news was too small, as this example about an 18-year old making model boats shows.

In short, News.ai gave you everything about Anguilla, including the kitchen sink!  The news could be commercial or not. Club meetings, bodybuilding event or a local cricket match…

Bodybuilding 2001
Bodybuilding 2001

News.ai covered it all, all the small news that was fit to post…

  • Farmers’ offerings
  • Carnival
  • Music festivals
  • Anguilla slang
  • Recipes
  • El Gelaterooo (mobile Anguilla Ice Cream emporium)
  • Police Week Fashion Show
  • Fundraisers
  • The rope at Little Bay
  • New scuba shops
  • Art shows
  • Where bands are playing
  • If it was Anguillian, and if it was news, it made it into News.ai!

I can remember how my Dad anxiously awaited the latest edition of News.ai…

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Welcome To The Revival Of Bob Green’s News.ai

Bob Green
Bob Green, 1996

News.ai was the first and only web presence for Anguilla through the mid and late 1990’s. Bob Green, the founder, started the site accidentally.  It all began shortly after Hurricane Luis in 1995.

Luis battered Anguilla at Cat5 ferocity for 36 hours. It flattened Anguilla. Bob was fortunate to have access to a T1 line, the only Net access remaining.  While the rest of the powerless island sweltered, Bob froze while working from an air-conditioned server room (powered by generator).

E-mail updates from Bob to the outside world  became web page updates (at first on his own company’s website). These words to the outside world became news.ai!  Imagine, out of devastation, Anguilla was given its first presence on the Web.

News.ai soon became a family of sites… beaches.ai, hotels.ai and so forth (see “Anguilla 1995-2005″ in left margin).  Be sure to check out the huge resource of photographs from that era (“Photo of the Day” in left margin — fun!).

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