Lynne Bernbaum’s Cuisinart Golf Series

Lynne Bernbaum, long-time Anguilla resident and recognized artist has found inspiration in Cuisinart’s new golf course…

Lynne writes:

“My father was an avid golfer. If he could, he would have spent all of his time playing golf.  My vivid memories of him as a golfer were of his intense emotions. The best one is what I call the Bliss: coming home from the golf course, elaborating on the great game that he had, and therefore, the perfect day. The perfect life! Until the next game….  Aggravation?!  What a switch of emotions. These days were dreaded by all of us….deep sorrow, sad face,eyes blurred, no energy. A doomed day. The end of the world.  This is what I recall most of my father playing golf. So these extreme mixed feelings were not appealing for me to play golf. Why would I play a game where I can be so happy and few seconds later be so depressed? But golf is a memory of love for my father.

Then, Cuisinart Resort and Spa opened the golf course in Anguilla. They had to landscape, reshape, etc. I went for a visit and found it so interesting and I was surprised with all of the important details which are part of a golf course.  I did research on the golf industry, golf courses, golfer’s feelings…found more than I wished for! As my background is landscape architect illustrator, I looked at the course by itself and found the Cuisinart Resort Golf course very sensual, intriguing, and harmonious.I started sketching and found myself drawn into it.

After several meetings with Mr. Zaharia and Mr. Johnson to gather more information on golf, I decided to paint a series about golf for all of it’s richness and as a tribute to my father.

Lynne and her painting, "Bliss"
Lynne and her painting, "Bliss"

I have embraced myself in the game and the golfer’s emotions; an endless muse.The Bliss is the golf nirvana. The Aggravation is the life sentence to avoid. I added the Redemption; there will always be the next stroke, the next time…there is hope.  I believe the benefits of the game are so powerful, so striking, so endless…one hole at a time.

I am most interested in inviting the onlooker to discover a friendly, joyful manner of the game. I want people to look at my paintings and decide to go golfing, to reach the Bliss, to laugh at the Aggravation and to wink at the Redemption”

Some of my fondest childhood memories come from playing on the golf course with my sister while my dad was hitting a few balls.

Can’t wait to get home and see Lynne’s new paintings in real life, from the pictures they look absolutely sensational.

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