It’s Official! RAPF Has Caught the (Alleged) Little Bay Bad Guys

It’s official! Here is the release from the Royal Anguilla Police Force…

“On Sunday 30th January 2013 Police responded to a report of a Robbery at Little Bay, on arrival it was reported that four tourist were on the beach, three in the water and one on the sand, when two masked men came down the Hill approached the one on the sand assaulted her and took all their belongings and climbed back up the Hill. Police are conducting Investigation

On Monday 11th February 2013 Police arrested and charged S.T of South Valley for handling stolen goods after he was found in possession of a cell phone stolen during a Robbery of four tourist at Little Bay on Sunday 30th January 2013, he was taken before the Magistrate Court on Wednesday 13thFebruary 2013 and granted bailed until the 3rd May 2013.

On Friday 15th February 2013 Police arrested and charged three young men from the Valley for the Robbery of the four tourist at Little Bay on Sunday 30th January 2013. K.L, G.S and C.L appeared before the Magistrate Court on Friday 15th February 2013 and were all remanded to her Majesty Prison until Friday 22nd February 2013. Some of the stolen items were recovered.”

Well done, RAPF! Solving crime is a big part of preventing it. After all, it does not pay if you end up in jail!


  1. Joseph says

    I just found out about the roberry of the 4 tourists. Very sad thing for Anguilla. Great news about RAPF making the arrests.

    Having worked as a police officer and federal security, it is my opinion that an education movement be implemented in all schools and churches. Simply make it aware that crime is wrong and will lead to worse crimes. Worse crimes will lead to less tourists and so on and on until the economy suffers. That being said will bring untold suffering unto the great and beloved people of Anguilla.

    It is always the large numbers of innocents that suffer for the minor few that commit these crimes. I call on all Anguillans to denounce these incidents and not be affraid to point the finger at the culprits. Standing-by and doing nothing only empowers these individual who laugh at the scared people, who by there silence protect them.

    Don’t be scared to stand up and be counted. There are many good and brave Anguillans who will not take this lightly.

    Best regards to all the great people of Anguilla. This is your Island and your livelihood. Dont lose this.
    Can’t wait to visit the truly wonderful people and Island of Anguilla. Joseph

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