Cha Cha San Has Re-Opened

After taking a short, early-summer break, Cha Cha San has re-opened their doors.

What’s new at Cha Cha San? Let’s take a look!…

5 spice roast pork belly with spicy soup noodles

cha cha san 5 spice ramen

Salt & pepper crispy ribs

cha cha san crispy ribs

South Asian Fisherman style steamed local fish, lemongrass, ginger, rice noodle, sesame soy, seasonal vegetables.

cha cha san new fish dish

Crispy shrimp tempura, passion fruit & lemon dressing.

cha cha san new tempura

California roll, seaweed salad, beef with tamarind mango sauce (a Thursday night Bento Box special).

cha cha san new bento box for summer 2016

And, as of this past Thursday, Cha Cha San’s special Carnival rolls are now available! Take a look at these creative sushi rolls here…

Cha Cha San is open nightly for dinner (closed Wednesday). For reservations, call: 264-583-1988

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