Congratulations to Keiron “Speedie” Rogers

Keiron Rogers, Anguilla at Daegu
Keiron Rogers, Anguilla at Daegu

Congratulations to Keiron “Speedie” Rogers, who set an Anguillian record for the 100 meters.

His 10:55 seconds time at the 2011 World Athletics Championships (in Daegu, South Korea) breaks a 20-year record held by Trevor Davis.

Congratulations, too, to coach Wilma Proctor.

Keiron did not proceed to the final rounds in the next heat, but world-class performances recently by “Speedie,” Shinelle Proctor (who set a personal best (PB) of 12:89 seconds at the same meet), and 17 year old Dee-Ann Rogers auger well for the future of Anguilla track.

Also, as Anguilla does not have Olympic status, remember to cheer for Shara Proctor who was asked by the UK to join their Olympic team. Anguilla has a medal hopeful for 2012!

Vince Cate: In Search Of Bees

Few people know about Vince Cate, but they should.

Vince has been living on-island since the early 90s.  A libertarian by nature, Vince believed in the future of the Internet and sought out a country where he could live free.

Married to Samantha, they have 4 children.

Vince and Samantha Cate
Vince and Samantha Cate

Vince runs Anguilla’s .ai registrar. If you want to put up a .ai website, Vince it the man to see about buying a .ai domain name.

He’s also the guy who owns the “Buckminster Fuller” style dome out by Shoal Bay.  It used to house several geeks running a big data center for a US-based company.

More recently, Vince purchases and melts down gold, reselling them as unique and beautiful Anguillian-themed gold bullion coins at

He’s a man of interesting hobbies. He has now become interested in bees.  Noticing more bees than usual around his home, he figured out how to triangulate his way to their hive…



So pretty soon you’ll be able to buy domain names, gold coins and honey from Vince!

Do you know someone who’s doing something neat? We should be telling Anguilla and the world about him/her!. Please send us the details at


Welcome To The Revival Of Bob Green’s

Bob Green
Bob Green, 1996 was the first and only web presence for Anguilla through the mid and late 1990’s. Bob Green, the founder, started the site accidentally.  It all began shortly after Hurricane Luis in 1995.

Luis battered Anguilla at Cat5 ferocity for 36 hours. It flattened Anguilla. Bob was fortunate to have access to a T1 line, the only Net access remaining.  While the rest of the powerless island sweltered, Bob froze while working from an air-conditioned server room (powered by generator).

E-mail updates from Bob to the outside world  became web page updates (at first on his own company’s website). These words to the outside world became!  Imagine, out of devastation, Anguilla was given its first presence on the Web. soon became a family of sites…, and so forth (see “Anguilla 1995-2005″ in left margin).  Be sure to check out the huge resource of photographs from that era (“Photo of the Day” in left margin — fun!).

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