The Calm After the Storm at Ocean Echo

A couple of weeks back we had an interesting stormy week here in Anguilla!

The Leeward Islands experienced not one but two tropical storm warnings. First, with Danny and then with Erika. We battened down the hatches and braced ourselves for impending wind, waves and rain.

What followed? Just mild stormy weather, thankfully.

Danny washed over us with barely a drop of rain and only slight waves and wind. Erika was right on Danny’s heels, following only two days later, bringing stronger gusts and higher seas…

tropical storm erika waves
… and not much else. Thankfully, Erika was kind to us!

Now? There’s another tropical depression brewing. We’re keeping a watchful eye, but in the meantime Anguilla is back to tranquility wrapped in blue…

meads bay setting at ocean echo

And, there is no better spot to enjoy these blissfully calm, clear seas than at Ocean Echo’s open-air restaurant right on the sands of Meads Bay. It’s the season where you have the beach all to yourself, too :-)

With excellent appetizers of seafood chowder…

seafood chowder at ocean echo

Crispy calamari…

ocean echo crispy calamari

Rum chicken wings with crudites…

rum wings ocean echo

And beach eat entrees of pizzas (pepperoni for me)…

pepperoni pizza ocean echo

Veggie for my Dad…

veggie pizza at ocean echo

… (other pizza options include jerk chicken and crayfish!), in addition to burgers, sandwiches, salads, pastas and grilled seafood of all kinds, the dining experience never disappoints at Ocean Echo.

Ocean Echo is staying open through the season. Drop by for lunch and/or dinner any day of the week!

Little Harbor Rainbow

Hope everyone had a fun and restful holiday and is having a happy New Year!

Wanted to share a picture I took of a beautiful rainbow in Little Harbor yesterday!

If you look closely there’s another one on top– how pretty is that?

Little Harbor Rainbow
Little Harbor Rainbow

Surf’s Up this Thursday!

From our local weather expert Steve Donahue,

“A cold front currently passing through the Bahamas will pass north of us on Wed. bringing gale conditions to the mid-Atlantic and rough seas/wind here in Anguilla starting Wed. and peaking on Thursday.  By Wed. morning expect moderate to rough seas in the 10 – 12 ft. range, and  by Thursday morning, we should expect 12 – 15 ft. NE seas on the north coast with NE winds in the high 20 mph range, gusts in the mid-30’s.  We can also expect frequent showers.  Also of concern is the wave period (frequency) of 7-8 seconds – normal swells are in the range of 12-14 seconds. A small craft warning is expected by Tuesday.  The combination of NE waves breaking rapidly on the shore combined with strong, gusty winds will create dangerous surf conditions on the north shore with blowing sand and surf.  Bathers should stay out of the water.  Conditions will slowly improve only slightly through the weekend, and we will continue to have rough seas until Monday.”

You know what this means– surf’s up!

Have fun and be safe if you go out!!

TS Ophelia Moving North

From our good buddy Steve Donahue over at

This morning it appears that the forecast track of Ophelia will take it well north (200 + miles) of Anguilla, and forecast also calls for the storm to weaken. But as with Maria, we need to watch the track for another day or so. Ophelia passed about 50 miles south of ocean buoy #41041 several hours ago with winds of 60 mph, gust to 78 mph – and with sea swells of 17 ft., wave heights of 26 feet. Tomorrow morning, she will pass 50 or so miles north of buoy #41043 which should tell us what – if any – weather/waves we could expect when it passes north of us (as most of the wind/wave/rain action is north of center – little activity south of center). Right now, I think all we should expect is some moderately rough seas from the ENE.

Tropical storm Ophelia Heads To Anguilla reports Tropical storm Ophelia will reach Anguilla Saturday night, Monday morning.

The forecasted winds of 40 mph or so will be to the north of center along with thunderstorms.

It is not expected to escalate into a hurricane.

Of course, with several days to go, the storm track and severity could deviate considerably.

Steve also says that we’ve had record rainfall in 3 of the past 4 months.

That must be why my Dad’s so worried about his cactus collection!

Tropical Storm Ophelia
Tropical Storm Ophelia (from

As points out on this page about Anguilla weather in August and September, things could be worse.

Bottom line… unless matters start intensifying, expect nothing more than some heavy rain and wind over the weekend.

I will update if matters do start to look worse.

Stay dry.